30 July 2010

He Passed!

Yay, on his third attempt (Thrid Time Lucky I reckon lol) he passed! I think his confidence grew immensly between the second test and now : )

After contacting his insurance company we ended up going to lunch, to my nans and to a garden centre. You could say I was a bit nervous at first. It all was fine though and I acted as his second pair of eyes : )

He has driven himself to and back from work which is a 45 minute drive away - I admit I was petrified and made him text me as soon as he got there.

Overprotective - Maybe?.....A sensible thing to do - Yes! I'm sure most of you would agree.

I am just praying nothing happens like this....

We drove past this last night...Crazy right?!  It is a 30 mph speed limit down that road...the driver must be been drunk or something.


I imagine the home owners must of been scared out of their wits when this happen in the middle on the night.

This weekend rather than taking a bus to our local shopping centre we are going by car -  No rude smelly people - Hoorah! : D

Gemma x

28 July 2010

Colours of the rainbow : )

To get things a bit organised we had a clear out in our art cupboard. 

Unfortunately the art cupboard is the type of cupboard which isn't at its best. I think all homes have one cupboard or drawer where everything is shoved in..and this was one of them! We need some kind of "pull out" system for it like this....


Maybe a trip to Ikea is needed? Not that I would mind..I love it there!

One thing that I love about reading blogs is how much they've opened my eyes to the amount of colour that surrounds us. In light of this I got my camera out and snapped at anything that caught my eye whilst cleaning out the mess...

Lots and lots of goodies were rediscovered...especially the Christmas crafts. Just to let you know I'm already thinking about Autumn (Fall) and Winter..I love the festive season : )

My sister decided to make a cool necklace..so bright and happy.

Rainbow colours.

That is one happy necklace...very Summery : )

As I am typing this Ian is taking his driving test...I have butterflies. If he passes I am paying for us to go to the Harvester (Cheap but so good!). If he is unlucky we're just going to walk into town.

I will let you know how it goes!

Gemma X

22 July 2010

Garden and Summer list

The week has flown by and I'm kinda liking it! The weekend is extra special for my brother and sister and it's their first day of freedom for six weeks! 

We've made a list of fun things we'd like to do over the summer...(click to enlarge!!)

We got the idea from Meg....as always!

It gives the day more of a purpose and helps to keep it a little structured. I'm really excited for this...I know it will help when Ian is away on holiday which is looming : ( :( :(

It will be a distraction.

I imagine we won't be able to do all of it but it's a challenge!


We used our first Courgettes the other night! Sooo exciting : )

The small ones are so much sweeter than the larger..yum yum yum!

I was very proud.

Planting a seed..watching it grow into a plant...watching it's fruit grow and then eating it is such a fun journey...if you haven't done it then you really should!!! : )

Hugs and Kisses...

Gemma xXxXxXx

20 July 2010

I got a job!

Wahoo! I am due to start working this September in a local Pre-School : ) I went for an interview today and got told there and then...big relief!!

The pay isn't all that great but it is a step in the right direction. The hours are good though which is a plus! Thank you for all your support through this ordeal..at least I can now relax this Summer.

My brother and sister break up for the Summer holidays at the end of this week...they are very excited as you can imagine! Me and my mum have a list of activities we all want to get done over the 6 week period...fun and not so fun. I'll show you the big poster list we've created in a day or two.

Yesterday I had a little bit of a scare problem. 

I've had quite a few orders of cushion covers to do. I was in the middle of sewing one up yesterday when the sewing machine suddenly stopped working and a knot had formed. 

"RELAX....just start again" I thought! 

After threading it all again and again it just got worse. 

Panic!! I still had another 3 cushions to make.

I turned the machine off and left it for 10 minutes otherwise my frustration would of taken over. I decided to take away some cotton from the bobbin and hey presto - it worked!

Panic over : )

Anyhoo I really should get on with the Cushions..they need to be in the post by tomorrow!

Love Gemma x

17 July 2010

A Winner!!!


ELANNA LOUISE @ Elanna's Recipe World!!!

Congratulations : ) I have e-mailed you the details.

Thanks to everyone who entered..and Thank you CSN for this opportunity!

I plan on having another givewaway soon : )

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Gemma X

16 July 2010

End of giveaway!

Just to let you know the giveaway is over! 

Thanks to everyone who entered : )

The winner will be picked at random..i'll let you know the results tomorrow!!

Gemma X

13 July 2010

Health Kick

I don't know what it is about Summer but it makes me want to be a be, feel and look like a better person. It makes me want to be better to my body, my mind and my soul.

It may be the fact that we generally wear less in the Summer..so we notice those bumps and marks that are hidden in Winter a lot more. In recent weeks I've become a whole lot more aware of my body... what I'm eating and the amount of exercise I'm having. 

Don't get me wrong, I walk almost everywhere and generally eat well but I could do more.  

The core things I want to do are:
  •  Limit the amount of naughty snacks i.e - Chocolate.
  •  Try and find a sport I like that would get my heart pumping. Be it playing Badminton or going for a jog..or maybe calming yoga on the Wii...we'll see!
  •  Have a healthy but rather filling breakfast.
  • Tone my overall body.
  • Eat more fruit & veg!!! 
I do not want to:
  • Weight watch.
  • Be over the top..we all deserve a treat every now and then.
Once I have my own home and have the responsibility of buying the food shopping, I would love to buy more Organic produce! I know some people disagree with the whole organic theory but to me it makes sense...but we shall see! I know it can be so expensive...

Do any of you eat or know of anyone who eats organically? Do you/they feel it is beneficial? Do you have some kind of fitness/ healthy eating regime? Sorry for all the questions but I'm just so curious!

Gemma xXx

11 July 2010

Sweet Summer Sunday - Eton Mess!

For my last "Sweet Summer Sunday" I decided to make Eton Mess. What I love about this desert is that you literally have to put very little effort into making it taste and look good. You only need three core ingredients and it is MEANT to look messy. It traditionally contains Strawberries.. however I've deicided to use Raspberries instead.

Look at how many we've had growing recently...

We've had about a handful a day which has been great! I decided to freeze quite a lot of them to save for this desert.

Yes - I put my hands up! I used shop bought meringue nests..they are still chewy on the inside and are just as good! Who really wants to be slaving away in the kitchen when its boiling outside anyway?!?

You will need : 

  • Meringue nests. You can make your own ones. Just look online for a recipe.
  • Raspberries
  • Single cream OR double cream (depends if you want thin or thick cream). I prefer thin!

Simply break up your meringue. Wash and gently add the raspberries. Pour over the desired amount of cream and gently fold...YUMMY!

I know I've used this word a lot recently but it is so fresh and juicy! Great for a summers evening : ) 

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the look of this desert! 

Remember to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! It could be you that wins the gift voucher !!! Click on the link....

Go on....


Love you all,

Gemma X

8 July 2010

A giveaway!

Hi Ladies!

I am very lucky to have been approached by CSN stores to host a giveaway!! One lucky reader will receive a gift voucher to use on CSN online stores. You will receive a voucher worth Forty Pounds (£), Dollars ($) or Euros (€) depending on your location. The giveaway is open to the UK, USA , Canada and Germany!

Since I was contacted I've been browsing through their online stores and have seen a lot of stuff I  love and think you would like too!

It could be used to purchase some of these beautiful ceiling lights!

Your voucher could be used towards a Le Creuset Casserole dish like this one. It would last you a lifetime!

It could get you a brand new Baking Tray or two!

You could buy that Slow Cooker you've been longing for!

Those are just a few things you could purchase with your gift voucher! CSN stores sell small things like kitchen accessories to large things like furniture, so there is definitely something for everyone!

How to enter:

To enter, simply leave me a comment on this post saying what you would do with your voucher. For a second entry into the giveaway, simply blog about my giveaway and link back to my blog. Then comment here letting me know you blogged about it! Remember to leave an e-mail address so I can contact the winner!

The giveaway will end next Friday ( 16th July) and the winner will be announced on the Saturday.

Unfortunately I am only allowing a maximum of two entries per person. Entrants must reside in either the UK, USA , Canada or Germany as CSN only ship to these countries - SORRY!

Good luck!!

Gemma X

5 July 2010

Job interview - How it went...

Just to get it all over and done with...I didn't get the job.

In some ways I am disappointed but I have to admit I'm quite glad....Here's why..

  • When I was interviewed I was sat on one end of a LONG table and the headteachers were sat down the other...
  • I mentioned my allergy and asked if it was a nut free school (most are these days). They said children weren't allowed to bring in nuts..HOWEVER..teachers brought nuts in for their lunch and ate them in the staff room. At this point you can imagine what I was thinking. 
  • They didn't shake my hand when we said goodbye.
  •  Remember I mentioned I'd have to do an activity. They told me I'd conduct it with 10 kids aged 8-10...wrong! They changed their minds and gave me a choice of 6 -8 kids aged 11. The activity I ended up choosing wasn't enough to occupy 11 yr olds for long enough..nightmare! My activity was quite basic. They formed a circle, opened their legs wide and had their feet touching either person beside them. The object of the game was for the person in the middle to get the ball through someones legs..all they had to do was to stop it from going through using only their hands (not moving their legs)! It was fun at first but after a few minutes they got bored. And as you can imagine the circle was small as there weren't as many children was I was expected..sigh! I had a back up game but they already knew it so it wasn't exactly great.
  • I had a tour of the school At this point it was playtime and all the kids were at the front of the building where the playground is. We went behind the school (where it was very quiet and no one really went) and found one boy alone crying..AND..a bit further around a disabled (physically and mentally) child alone!!
I was getting bad vibes about the school. 

If I had got offered the job I would of taken it...a job is a job. I felt relief that I didn't get it though as my main worry was my allergy and the fact that they could not cater for it.

At least it was a great experience for me to have! 

I've come away a little stronger.

Thank you for all your suggestions and encouragement...you ladies are so inspiring!

Gemma X

3 July 2010

Quick Message

Hi ladies!

Just wanted to let you know that I won't be doing "Sweet Summer Sunday" tomorrow...Sorry!

Life has been very busy this past week..appointments here and there..errands to run and planning for Monday.

You'd think it would all stop at the weekend but it sure doesn't!!

So instead it will be NEXT Sunday!!

Anyway I'll catch up with you after Monday : )


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