31 August 2010

CSN Review

 I was approached by CSN to do a review. Whilst browsing through their many websites I came across some lovely Lights that would look great in my bedroom.

I'm not sure if I prefer the classic Chandelier look.

Or something a bit more 'modern' like these fabulous Spotlights.

My bedroom is due a make-over ( any excuse lol) so I will be sharing my ideas and photos and more..... as soon as I get a start on it all.

I want to try and make it feel warm and cosy....can any of you give any advice or tips on colours etc. How do you create that feeling in your bedroom? I am a beginner after all lol !

I start my job as of next week...EEK!! I'm so nervous but excited. Once i'm feeling settled there then I imagine I will get started on the room.

In the mean time I need to tidy it up for some 'before' photos!

Gemma x

28 August 2010

Dream Store.

Hello everybody!

I think I've found my dream shop..minus clothes and make-up.

I found out about it after having a good natter with my hairdresser last week. She was looking for a satin throw for her bed..found the perfect one in Laura Ashley but it had a three figure price tag

She then popped over to a store called "Homesense", full of end of line items from other branded stores. By surprise she found a very similar one for £20...got it home and found a label sewn into the sheet. After picking it out she found it was from House Of Fraser. 

Putting it simply - Designer Brand!!!

I had to go there as soon as I heard about this.

I forgot to bring my camera (most likely because I was excited) ..... so used Ians phone instead.

Halloween goodies!!

 Lovely Lanterns...I really like the detail and patterns...reminds me of an "Asian" or "Moroccan".

These ALL caught my eye...Mosaics are so beautiful.

 Recyling : )

A little something for my overseas friends : )

 Cute Kitchen Towel Holder!

 Vintage typewritters.

Everything there was blog worthy..you would LOVE IT!! So many Shabby Chic items..some vintage..some modern...great stuff!

The best bit was it was all at reasonable prices.

All one off items..

No two the same.

I'm going back tomorrow...heehee!!

Love Gemma x

22 August 2010

Sweet Shop.

Something that has become a bit of a novelty in our house is a brand new local sweet shop. However it isn't just any confectionary shop..it has an old feel to it. (Click on pics to enlarge).

There were Three huge walls filled with different types of candy in different jars and wrappers... a feast for your eyes!

It kind of resembled a scene from the original Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory! You could spend quite a long time looking at each product and tasting to find the ones you like.

I have to say I'm not a sweet person myself. I'm much more of a chocolate kinda girl!!! Give me chocolate over sweets any day of the week : )

So my question to YOU is what kinda girl are you...A Sweet or a Chocolate kinda girl??

Let me know : )

Love Gemma x

18 August 2010

Women Only.

Remember this place? We went beyond our norm last weekend and walked further afield around Hampstead Heath as well and the Kenwood area.

During our adventures we came across this...

I had heard about this place...a place for women to swim and relax... but I was yet to see it. In my imagination I saw a Pond/Bog type thing that women could take a dip in..somewhere where rules are relaxed..somewhere where you enter "at your own risk".

It turned out it was an actual lake dedicated to women..a HUGE lake..with life guards and everything!

You go past a gate and down a path. Either side of you is greenery surrounded by picket fences and trees...totally private from the general public. A place for women to read and relax..no mobiles allowed!!

Further down the path is a 'Lake house' type thing and the Lake itself. The Lake was murky and brown and yet women were swimming in it. I don't think you'd catch me in there!

I hope you can imagine it...it was really rustic yet seemed like some kind of haven for women...a natural spa maybe?... I wish I could of taken photos but as you can imagine it is meant to be private.

On an even more random note, we also walked by the place where George Michael ( the singer) was caught in the act with another man many years ago...lol.

Hampstead Heath is very beautiful but full of random places!

Edit to add : By the way there was a mens area too but I didn't dare go near it! lol : )
Ian is back on Tomorrow!! Yipee : )

I'm so excited.

Being away from loved ones is HORRIBLE.

We've been lucky as he has had a strong mobile signal (considering he is in the Swiss mountains) and have kept in contact regularly. He has a week off work when he gets back so it will be nice to catch up over that time : )

I hope ya'll are having a good week!

Lots of love,

Gemma x

12 August 2010

Girly Talk.

Since Ian is away I've been indulging myself in some "girly time". You know...bubble baths, painting my nails, watching RomComs..taking a little extra care!

Do any of you have a beauty regime you stick to? What products do you use..if any? I would love to know any tips you may have..

Here is what I do / use...

* I try to moisturise myself daily. I know someone who has moisturised daily since they were are teen and do not have one stretch mark to their name! I wish I could say the same...lol.

*  When I was at school I had a French teacher who always had a litre bottle of Evian at her side....she had perfect skin! I have drunk a lot of water since then. I think it helps to make you feel refreshed. It flushes the toxins from your system so it must be good!

* In light of that my skin seems in good condition apart from the odd blemish. Something I avoid is foundation. I think it clogs up your pours (even if you do take it all off) and results in spots..a vicious cycle really!

* I love perfume. As it is nearing Autumn/ Fall I want to go for something a bit heavier as oppose to something light that I wear in summer. I'm really loving Alien by Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier Classique . They are both suitable for day and night and are so feminine.

* The make-up I wear on a daily basis is..Mascara, eye-liner, liquid eye-liner, blusher, lipstick and lip gloss. I try and go for dusky pinks or peachy shades of lipstick but I guess it all depends on your colouring.

* I altar nail varnish depending on the seasons or my mood. During summer I go for dusky pinks, corals or jade greens. During the colder months (the best months in my opinion!!! ) I use dark reds or purples.

* Another tip I can give is to splash your face with cold water every evening before bed. Someone else I know does that and she looks great for her age and she is in her late 30's. No visible wrinkles or anything. It is something else I should try!

Anyhoo... that is all I have to say about my routine..I think it is quite simple. I would really appreciate any comments or advice. What is your daily routine? Any weird or wonderful tips. What products do you use? Let me know!!

Lots of love and hugs...

Gemma x

6 August 2010

What's been going on around here lately.

Happy Friday : )

I've been feeling rather healthy recently. Apart from eating the fresh produce my garden is providing, I've been quite active!

I'm surprised I have stuck to some kind of routine. I'm using my mums old fitness video (you can tell how dated it is by the word video!!). It involves doing 12 minute exercise routines a day that focus on different parts of your body. You alternate each day and then work up to the next level (which is harder).

I'm getting close to the second level..!

Now Ian is driving we have a lot more freedom. We could always jump on a bus if we wanted to before but a car is so much easier - I won't take it for granted that's for sure. In this past week we've been to a Golf Driving range and played Badminton at our local leisure center.

We met the sweetest Dad at the driving range. His little boy (around 7) was really good at it all but got tired after using 50 out of 100 balls. Just as we finished our 100 balls his dad asked if we would like the boys...so nice! We ended up chatting a bit and he gave us some advice on technique etc.


About a month ago I came across this really lovely Jewelry website. REALLY LOVELY!!! After hinting ever so slightly to Ian..I thought he got the idea and left it at that. I imagined if he did buy it I'd get it as a Birthday or Christmas present...

But being the sweetest, nicest and most generous boyfriend he is....

He decided to surprise me for no reason whatsoever.

As you can imagine I had a few tears (of joy!!). Surprises are nice : ) The necklace represents our love. I wear it nearly every day.

I was one happy girl..and still am!

You guys seriously need to check out this website. I haven't been asked to endorse this shop..I'm saying this because I think the products they have are classy yet simple and would make such a great personalised gift...it's all handmade and best of all it is fairly priced.  It is called The Vintage Pearl. Erin (who owns it) also has a blog with lots of giveaways of her products so take a look there too.


Jasper is going to the dreaded Vets today. Poor him! He's got some kind of skin infection and began to scratch himself so much he's looking rather sore..wish him luck!

Ian is going away for 10 days next week to Switzerland..I'm going to miss him so much! He is my best friend so it will feel like I'm missing a part of me : ( This weekend is going to be full of quality time together : )

Edit : Someone asked what Boxing day is (mentioned in my previous post). Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day (26th Dec). It is called "Boxing" day as this was when all the donation boxes were emptied (full of money and gifts to the poor and needy) across British Churches around the Middle Ages. It is a day of goodwill.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Gemma x

2 August 2010


Hi Ladies!

Today I want to talk about traditions. Something that I love about blogs is the fact that you get to read about other families and their traditions....some of which are very inspiring!

From this post I'd love to swap some ideas on traditions with you and hear what YOUR family do!

So here are some of the things my family and I do (ignore the random bullet points. I can't get rid of them without having spaces between each point):

  • We always get up early on our birthdays and sit at the end of our mum and dads bed whilst presents are being opened.
  • I always ask for a new pair of PJ's for Christmas so they are nice and soft to sleep in on Christmas night.
  • My Mum and I wrap Christmas presents in her bedroom whilst listening to Christmas music every year.
  • We always have a little Halloween party every year (just for family). Not many neighbours appreciate trick or treating so it's nicer to make the effort at home.
  • My Mum (THE BEST Mum in THE world!!) always always always cleans the house from top to bottom before someones birthday. I love it : )
  •  Every Christmas we have an elf visit us. Some of you may know it was "Elf on the Shelf". It makes it extra magical for my little brother. 
  • My grandparents always come to our house on Boxing Day (Day after Xmas). We have a special breakfast (pancakes, bacon etc), followed by left overs from the day before for Lunch/Dinner. We spend the day talking, playing games, eating and drinking. That's what Christmas is about though isn't it?
  • On most Friday nights we have a Family night. We usually get pizza or make our own "homemade" Subway. We usually watch a family film too.
  • On firework night we have family at our house and let off a few fireworks and have a BBQ. Hot chocolate is a MUST!

From reading blogs I have a few ideas of traditions I'd like to start when I have my own family.

* Taking a picture with your child on each of their birthdays.

* Buying new PJ's before Christmas and wearing them on Christmas Eve...Imagine how cosy and exciting that nights sleep will be : )

* The Summer list.

Now that you've read my traditions it is time to share yours! Big or small...Let's share some ideas and help each other create memories within our families...that's what traditions are about.

I'm looking forward to reading your responses!

Gemma x


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