1 January 2011


Happy New Year to everyone!!

I feel a bit somber now that the joys of Christmas are now officially over. After boxing day I try and leech onto every last bit of festivities up until New years...so sad!!

2011 is going to be a fresh start (like every other year heehee).

A fresh start with work.

A fresh start with my health.

A fresh start for my mind!

I'm dreading going back to work. I've been off for quite a while now because of some complications with my CRB check (got lost and now hasn't even arrived!!) & ofsted were due to visit. Everything at the nursery seems so vague...I don't really want to be there anymore!! I've figured that i'm not so sure about working with children anymore...so now I'm trying to figure out my career path.

My aim this year is to build up my Etsy/Folksy/Ebay business a lot more. You never know one day it may become my main income...(fingers crossed) X

Anyhoo I had may aswell make the most of my last few days with the Christmas Decs LOL.

Candlelight...Christmas lights and the TV sound good to me : )

Gemma x


  1. hi gemma, happy new year to you too!!!! 2011 is going to be a defining year for me too...i lost my job a couple of weeks ago (unexpectedly) so i am going to have to find a new direction as well. i haven't posted about my job loss yet, but i think i may in the next few days.

    i am always sad when the christmas tree comes down around new years too. all of the anticipation for the holidays seems to deflate like a balloon doesn't it?

    but it always gives us something to look forward to for next year.

    i'm hoping you can find your niche with work....you are young, take your time and find what really moves you. if it's your etsy work hard toward that goal....

    xoxo cindy

  2. Happy new year, Gemma!
    Nursery work is very consuming and very tiring. It may not be right for you...maybe working with older children?

  3. Happy new year. I really hope your shop picks up, it would be amazing if you could do that full time, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck in your career search, let's hope 2011 will be a good year.
    Gem xxx


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