17 January 2011

Going for a drink.

 Trying to make the most of the weekend can be seemingly difficult sometimes...especially with the 'What we should do?!' dilemma that we come across all the time

We are lucky enough to have a local Ikea...about 2o minutes away! It is definitely something we take for granted. Ian & I went there on Saturday just for a look around.

Crazy Light Shade thing..whatever it is lol.

 I know my sister would LOVE these lights..very funky!

I've never used fabric from Ikea but the colours/designs are so vibrant! Will make another visit soon once I have a project in mind!

On Sunday, we went to a garden center to look at the sale items (nothing there though!!) but ended up at a local pub for a drink instead.

It was so nice. 

We chatted for an hour or so just about life. The good, the bad and the ugly. We talked so much that we only had a drink each the whole time we were there. I know we are both still young  but after 4 years with eachother it was nice to just 'be' with one another..no TV..no computer...no distractions....just a cosy sofa and a glass of Coke lol !!

Hopefully it's something we can do every once in a while : )

This is what I love about blogging....that one drink was so special and without a blog, I would most probably forget about it in a few weeks.  Who knows how long this blog will last for but hopefully in years to come I will look back on this and remember...

It's all about making memories.

Gemma x


  1. I love ikea fabric!! I find myself searching for things to sew, just so I can go and buy some wonderfully printed fabric from Ikea!!



  2. we went to ikea last weekend. i saw some duvet's that i really liked but didn't need so they stayed there!!! i love ikea but it is about 50 minutes away so it's a trip that needs to be planned.

    when are you two getting married anyway?? c'mon ian. time to pop the question... :D

  3. Thanks for stopping by Karen! I will have to check out your blog : )

    Cindy - I would love to get married soon but we can't really afford to have a 'perfect' wedding at the moment...give it a few years : D

    Gemma xxxxx

  4. You can't beat a trip round Ikea, if only I didn't live 130 miles from my nearest! Great blog by the way - just joined you. Carolyn x


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