26 January 2011

More Work Drama.

This is going to be a bit of a rant and a moan so brace yourself!!

So far my working life hasn't been great. My long term readers would know about the first dilemma last year.  I've since left that job. Now my current job at the nursery is the problem. It is a JOKE!

Mycrb check finally cleared on Saturday so I called my boss to let her know and to ask when she wanted me back (as I was away for 2-3 months waiting for it to clear). She didn't answer so I text her instead. She didn't get back to me until Monday (late morning). 

Apparently she was too busy to get back to me over the weekend and spewed some excuse. Then she said that they currently have some students getting experience for 2 weeks, so can I come back in on the 7th of February. I think they just want all the free help they can get, so it's pointless me being there until the free help has gone.

In total I would of been away from work for 13 weeks...13 weeks?!  I'm really annoyed about how they just keep on putting me off and messing me around....I mean I need the money. So i'm now going to start looking for another job. 

Who knows doing what though... I'm in a place in my life where I literally do not know what to do.Working at a shop was a nightmare and working with children is not a preference of mine anymore...

Wow life can be hard sometimes.

I want to just hide in the safety and comfort of my bed and not venture out until things pick up a bit.


Gemma x


  1. Oh Gemma, it doesnt sound ideal. I know CRb checks can take a long time but they dont sound as though they care very much. Best wishes in your search for something better.

  2. It sounds like you are having a really rubbish time on the job front. I'm sure something will pick up soon, i will keep my fingers crossed for your own little business to flourish one day, that would be amazing :) Big hugs coming your way xxxx

  3. Aw :( I feel for you...and I can honestly say that becuase today I was feeling the same way. I have a job but I seriously have no clue what I want to do when 'I grow up'. Then I sadly realized today that I guess 26 is considered 'grown up'. Waaaaa

  4. I'm new to your blog (popped over from the Folksy forums, now following!) but I can honestly say it will pick up - I was made redundant last year and had a tough couple of months workwise but now things are on the up - you just have to hang on in there

    Katie @ The Green Feather x

  5. Hope you find youself.
    Try doing some voluntary jobs along side your day job and see which you enjoy most.
    I was recently at this point in my life as also work in childcare (part time creche assistant) and wanted to progress but where?? then became unexpectedly pregnant so now have alot of time to think about it!!

    {Dab and a dash>}


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