12 January 2011

Word of the Year

I'm joining in with Cherry Menlove with a 'Word of the Year'. There are soo many words I've wanted to use but this word is something that I think about quite often...

My word is going to be BRAVERY!

I've established that I can be very apprehensive about a lot of things...for example...

* Meeting new people...

* Speaking my mind...

* Looking for a new job / course etc..

* Wanting to take my Cushion Business seriously...

* Learning to drive...EEK!

I need to have more confidence...I need to be more GUTSY!! 

I need to stop worrying about the tiniest of things or things that are out of my control.

I need to just let it be...

What word would you choose for yourself? 
Gemma xXx



  1. That's difficult Gemma...I have to think about something as serious as a meaningful word.
    Your is good, and applies to so many parts of our lives.

  2. Good for you. It sounds fiesty, I like it :)
    I will have a tink about my word and will link up to both yours and Cherry blogs in my post once I have decided. Watch this space xxx

  3. i think my word would be "confidence" especially with the new changes in my life this year.

    the best thing you can do is learn to drive....it will open up your world. it's really not so scary after a while...it's fun!! i say, "be brave and go for it"

    hugs, cindy

  4. Bravery is a good word. I think I need to do a few of those things too. I'm very quiet when it comes to being social and trying new things. Good luck!!


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