10 February 2011

Flowers in the window...

Firstly I want to say hello and a huge thank you to my new followers! Thanks for joining my journey : )

It's nearly Friday! Going back to work has made me appreciate home and the weekend a whole lot more...ahh...

I'm hoping for gorgeous weather this weekend. We are off to St. Albans on Saturday to check out a craft fair. Fingers crossed its great and I can potentially sell there!! 

It's been a dark drizzly day today and i'm ready for spring RIGHT NOW! I'm looking forward to watching my plants grow, eating gorgeous 'lighter' food and getting back into Sunday walks in parks...I miss them.

I've started planting some seedlings already...is it too soon?!

I've got the first round of seedlings planted, they are sunning themselves in my bedroom. They are Cabbage, Leeks and Onion..yummy : )

 I'm still getting into the swing of gardening. Last year was great fun and the beginning of my whole self sufficient adventure.

Apart from that I don't have any particular 'news'. Join me tomorrow for a great recipe I recently discovered...it is so yummy if you like bananas!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Gemma x


  1. You are certainly well ahead with your gardening!

  2. How did you get on at the fair, think it'll be a good one for you to sell at?

    Eek Can't believe you've already started planting! I got one bed dug over on the allotment yesterday *ACHES* but its pouring today!

    Katie x

  3. I love gardening, there is nothing like watching all your hard work and efforts growing pretty in the sunshine : )
    How is work going?

    There is an award waiting for you on my blog my lovely, very well deserved : ) xxx


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