2 February 2011

Junk Shopping

Hi Ladies!

I love blogging. I love blogland .

I've learnt soo much through blogs, it has opened my eyes.

I have a new found love for things I had never even thought about before blogging.


Furniture Renovation.



I love ALL these things. Blogs have allowed me to improve my skills in photography, they've showed me new crafts (a whole long list that I WILL do one day...one day).

What has really intrigued me though is furniture renovation. Some of my favourite blogs are ones that show the treasures they have uncovered in thrift stores or yard sales. The transformations are impeccable...and best of all these projects barely cost anything.

They somehow frustrate me though... A LOT! 
It isn't 'Carboot' season here at the moment and these are the places that I am most likely to find some 'junk'. I've looked online but there isn't any local antique stores around here...so it looks like I will have to wait a month or so!

I'm hoping to find a mirror with a beautiful frame as my first project...I will paint it white or a lovely cream and it will take pride of place in my bedroom (which I have yet to show you!!!)...and hopefully it will cost next to nothing!

I have to admit I love a good old treasure hunt...heehee!

Happy February : )

Gemma xXx


  1. a month is not that long to wait. now is the time to make you little book of inspirations...the sidebar of my blog has a lot of furniture redo blogs, check them out!!

    i know it's not thrifted but this mirror from ikea would be cool and you could paint it any color you wanted to.


    hugs, cindy

  2. I've been on the but look out for a bit of furniture to do up but not found anything yet. Perhaps I'm being too fussy but I'm holding out for the perfect bit!

  3. I hope you have more look than I did at the carboots! There are some treasures just waiting for us to find them, I know it!

    Katie x


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