28 March 2011

Ideal Home Show

On Saturday Ian and I were lucky enough to go to the 'Ideal Home Show' in Earls Court....FOR FREE!!

I signed up to a weekly newsletter from Money Saving Expert and saw that a few thousand tickets were going free. We also managed to get some for the Grand Design Exibition in April. If you live in the UK I'd really recommend signing up to it.

So early Saturday morning we set off to London. Since the 7/7 bombings I have felt really apprehensive about going on the underground...I know it's silly. 

But thinking about it, we shouldn't let it stop us doing anything...especially great opportunities like this.

The show was full of lots of random stalls. Some were large companies, some were small businesses just starting out. 

There were lots of sales people...lots of new products and ideas.

Most pictures are of random bits from the show. 

Beautiful furniture. I really love the white chairs.

This was AMAZING. Completely hand embroidered..so much small detail!

There was this huge cube screen in the centre of it all with videos being projected onto it.

Company that sorts out all your 'Games Room Needs'

They even had a scene from a famous soap...along with a 'modern/eco friendly' version.

Yes....a eating table WITH a pond in it.

We saw a few celebs.

Clever Cake...not sure if id have it at my wedding though!

Shabby Chic goodness!

 There were lots of free goodies available too...mostly food (and mostly may contain nuts..which I cannot have!).

All in all a really nice but tiring day. I'm glad I went and I'm glad I didn't give in to fear and not go.

I know it is silly but I felt I was acting up to my 'word of the year'...bravery!

How was your weekend?

Gemma xXx


22 March 2011

DIY Weekend

Sometimes a busy weekend is better than a quiet one. That with a touch of sunshine, blue skies and flowers....lovely.

Have you noticed the blossom EVERYWHERE?!

I walk by it on the way home from work. The colours are so soft and the sweet smell is so lifting.

Sunshine on my face : )

We had a few projects lined up for the weekend. 
Firstly....to make a little framed blackboard. We bought a cheap frame and painted the backing with blackboard paint.

 It is in need of another coat but I will show you what the end product looks like!

Secondly...I found two pretty metal shelf brackets in Ikea for 99p each..bargain right?! They were black so I decided to spray paint them a cream colour instead (forgot to take pictures).

Thirdly...Our garden is in need of more growing space. We previously had a garage, but knocked it down. Where it was has been wasted space for a while so we decided to build a 'U' shape wall. 
Myself, my Dad and Ian spent the most of Sunday outside. My dad taught us how to make the cement and how to lay the blocks...so it was definitely a worthwhile day. We are yet to finish laying the blocks (another weekends worth of work). We are then going to cover the blocks with decking (I hope you can imagine what I mean...it sounds a bit weird otherwise? lol)

Anyway I'll show you the end product...hopefully it will be LOVELY!

 Did you see the moon on Saturday night?

Apparently it's the closest earth has been to it in 20 years or so...

 I wasn't too sure but it was a bit brighter than usual!

Finally I just wanted to share with you a guest blog post I did at British Sellers on Etsy

Go and check it out : )

Gemma x

18 March 2011

Red Nose Day!

Good afternoon!

It's been a while since i've posted. I haven't really had anything in particular to post about...and I still don't really.

It's been one of those weeks. 

It has flown by before my eyes have even had a millisecond to capture anything....but atleast now it's Friday.

The weekend should bring some colour, sun and fun...fingers crossed.

I treated myself to a tiny weeny bit of retail therapy this week...only two small things.

So many bloggers alerted their readers to a great deal in Glamour magazine...a free mini gift from Clinique! The magazine cost £2 so it was a definite bargain. I managed to get the '7 day scrub'.

I also spotted this lovely hanging heart on ebay for a £3...it's lovely when the sun shines through it : )

I added my own jute string to it to make it a bit more 'me'.


Today in the UK it is red nose day. A day of comedy to raise money for charity. From 7pm tonight I'm going to plonk myself down and cosy up..watching Comic Relief. It is hilarious every year : )

I hope you have a great weekend and hopefully I'll have something a lot more interesting to tell you about by then end of the weekend!

Gemma xXx

8 March 2011

Bee in my Bonnet..

These past few days I've had a crafty bee in my bonnet.

I've been making up some cushions for my bedroom from that adorable fabric I showed you...I really love it and am considering using it to make more and sell?...

I also spotted these cute cute cute bouquet of hearts at Cherry Menlove and had to make them as soon as I saw them. 

I used scraps of matierial and a heart template to cut out 24 hearts, stitching two together and stuffing, making 12 padded hearts, placed on top of wooden BBQ skewers....lovely!

This weekend was spent searching for a vase for the hearts to stand in. I went to Ikea (i'm there nearly every week these days...) to buy this one but in anticipation of buying it I didn't think how small 12cm was....Oops!

In the end I found one in the Homeware Section in Sainsburys (supermarket) for £1.20....bargain!

From blogging I have found out what I like and prefer when it comes to decor. I'm definitely leaning towards creamy shades with bursts of colour here and there. These hearts add the perfect amount of colour against the cream wall & next to my boring tv.

On Sunday we took a refreshing WALK IN THE PARK!

I know it's silly but I've been looking forward to doing it since January. The sun was shinning and the air was crisp. We took Jasper and just walked....it definitely 'blew away the cobwebs' to say the least.

Beautiful, shocking colours....

I hope you are all having a good week so far! Here in the UK it's pancake day so tonight we are being naughty and having them for dinner...tsk tsk!

Thank you for reading,

Gemma xXx

3 March 2011

Thank God it's ALMOST Friday!

* A random post about random things *


We are almost there! Just one more push and hello Friday : )

I'm not the type to wish my life away but this has been one hectic week and today has been such a headache.

I work with some unbelievably rude people. I try and ignore them as much as possible but sometimes they really get to me.

At Nursery I was doing a creative activity with the children. They basically had to draw a flower, and stick crumpled crepe paper all over the flower shape. The one particular rude lady walked by and said "what kind of flower is that?!"....

I think it's so rude to criticize adults..let alone children! The whole point in art is that each of their drawing are unique...you can't make them all draw the conventional flower shape...they are only 3 years old!!! 

We are meant to be boosting their confidence, not destroying it. Negative people shouldn't work with children, end of.

Sorry to rant but it just bugs me immensely.

On Friday afternoons (when I get home) I have a ritual. I look forward to these moments all week long.....

Firstly have a nice big hot cup of Tea. 

Shower and feel fresh for the weekend (wash away that nursery smell - yuk).

Wear ultra cosy comfortable clothes.

Paint my nails a happy colour. 

Grab my throw and snuggle up on the Sofa with my mum.

Think I resent my day job much....? lol  

 Did anyone catch Jamie's Dream school on Channel 4 last night? 

I really enjoyed it but it was really stressful to watch....the teens just didn't listen to the teachers whatsoever. They were their own worst enemy.

Very frustrating.

What did you think of it?

If I ever pursue a career in teaching...I would never work in a high school!!


I'll leave you with a  picture....  I love that shade of shocking yet soft pink...

Thanks for reading my random post : )

Enjoy your Thursday,

Gemma xXx 

1 March 2011

Happy March!

Happy March to you all...It feels so weird. It's dreadfully cold outside at the moment but it feels like spring should be here RIGHT NOW! lol

This past weekend was spent out and about..mostly in the rain! There has been this fabric playing on my mind for quite a while. It's lovely. I've 'ummed and arred' over buying some to make cushions for my bedroom. I gave in....

It came from my local Ikea store. We went on Saturday and had an actual look around. I don't know about you but we always look around downstairs 'market place' a lot more than the displays on the upper level. We weren't in any rush so we tried out a few sofas, looked at kitchens and everything in that kind of territory...And of course with any visit to Ikea comes a cup of tea in there cafe : )

After Ikea we went to a little Chinese 'plaza' type thing around the corner. My family ate there (I couldn't because of my allergy) so I had a look around at the surrounding shops and managed to score myself a cheap shelf which I'm going to 'do up' for my bedroom. Right next to the shops was the famous Wembley Stadium.....I've never been so close to it!

On Sunday we made a spontaneous trip to a Safari Park...I love a little spontaneity sometimes. As we left the sun was shining and the sky was blue with little cloud coverage....it was perfect and I didn't think to bring a jacket! Things went a bit downhill as the weather turned for the worse as we got to the park...it was tipping it down. Luckily the majority of the visit was a safari so we were in the comfort of a car. For the rest of the 'on foot' safari I huddled under an umbrella with Ian..heehee!!

A few blurry shots..

We saw lots of animals up close so it was definitely worth the visit!

 I hope you are all enjoying your week so far : )

Gemma x


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