8 March 2011

Bee in my Bonnet..

These past few days I've had a crafty bee in my bonnet.

I've been making up some cushions for my bedroom from that adorable fabric I showed you...I really love it and am considering using it to make more and sell?...

I also spotted these cute cute cute bouquet of hearts at Cherry Menlove and had to make them as soon as I saw them. 

I used scraps of matierial and a heart template to cut out 24 hearts, stitching two together and stuffing, making 12 padded hearts, placed on top of wooden BBQ skewers....lovely!

This weekend was spent searching for a vase for the hearts to stand in. I went to Ikea (i'm there nearly every week these days...) to buy this one but in anticipation of buying it I didn't think how small 12cm was....Oops!

In the end I found one in the Homeware Section in Sainsburys (supermarket) for £1.20....bargain!

From blogging I have found out what I like and prefer when it comes to decor. I'm definitely leaning towards creamy shades with bursts of colour here and there. These hearts add the perfect amount of colour against the cream wall & next to my boring tv.

On Sunday we took a refreshing WALK IN THE PARK!

I know it's silly but I've been looking forward to doing it since January. The sun was shinning and the air was crisp. We took Jasper and just walked....it definitely 'blew away the cobwebs' to say the least.

Beautiful, shocking colours....

I hope you are all having a good week so far! Here in the UK it's pancake day so tonight we are being naughty and having them for dinner...tsk tsk!

Thank you for reading,

Gemma xXx


  1. Gemma, your photos of those hyacinths are gorgeous! It looks like you're having a busy, creative week so far. Enjoy your pancakes this evening :)

  2. I'd never thought of making pillows - they look amazing, I might have to give that a try in the future.

    Kirstin xx

  3. i can't believe that you have flowers blooming already....i am so jealous!!! :D and they are my very favorite color of flowers....

    i love the hearts. i can't wait to see you bedroom all finished...i bet its really pretty. i saw these on another blog and i thought about you....




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