22 March 2011

DIY Weekend

Sometimes a busy weekend is better than a quiet one. That with a touch of sunshine, blue skies and flowers....lovely.

Have you noticed the blossom EVERYWHERE?!

I walk by it on the way home from work. The colours are so soft and the sweet smell is so lifting.

Sunshine on my face : )

We had a few projects lined up for the weekend. 
Firstly....to make a little framed blackboard. We bought a cheap frame and painted the backing with blackboard paint.

 It is in need of another coat but I will show you what the end product looks like!

Secondly...I found two pretty metal shelf brackets in Ikea for 99p each..bargain right?! They were black so I decided to spray paint them a cream colour instead (forgot to take pictures).

Thirdly...Our garden is in need of more growing space. We previously had a garage, but knocked it down. Where it was has been wasted space for a while so we decided to build a 'U' shape wall. 
Myself, my Dad and Ian spent the most of Sunday outside. My dad taught us how to make the cement and how to lay the blocks...so it was definitely a worthwhile day. We are yet to finish laying the blocks (another weekends worth of work). We are then going to cover the blocks with decking (I hope you can imagine what I mean...it sounds a bit weird otherwise? lol)

Anyway I'll show you the end product...hopefully it will be LOVELY!

 Did you see the moon on Saturday night?

Apparently it's the closest earth has been to it in 20 years or so...

 I wasn't too sure but it was a bit brighter than usual!

Finally I just wanted to share with you a guest blog post I did at British Sellers on Etsy

Go and check it out : )

Gemma x


  1. Just read your interview, very inspirational, well done you : ) Fingers crossed it will generate some more sales for you and hopefully take you one step further to working for Homemade gem's full time eeek, now there is a thought xxxx

  2. how fun to be featured on a blog for a guest post....very cool!!

    hugs, cindy

  3. Love your shots of the trees. Don't you just love blossoms :)


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