1 March 2011

Happy March!

Happy March to you all...It feels so weird. It's dreadfully cold outside at the moment but it feels like spring should be here RIGHT NOW! lol

This past weekend was spent out and about..mostly in the rain! There has been this fabric playing on my mind for quite a while. It's lovely. I've 'ummed and arred' over buying some to make cushions for my bedroom. I gave in....

It came from my local Ikea store. We went on Saturday and had an actual look around. I don't know about you but we always look around downstairs 'market place' a lot more than the displays on the upper level. We weren't in any rush so we tried out a few sofas, looked at kitchens and everything in that kind of territory...And of course with any visit to Ikea comes a cup of tea in there cafe : )

After Ikea we went to a little Chinese 'plaza' type thing around the corner. My family ate there (I couldn't because of my allergy) so I had a look around at the surrounding shops and managed to score myself a cheap shelf which I'm going to 'do up' for my bedroom. Right next to the shops was the famous Wembley Stadium.....I've never been so close to it!

On Sunday we made a spontaneous trip to a Safari Park...I love a little spontaneity sometimes. As we left the sun was shining and the sky was blue with little cloud coverage....it was perfect and I didn't think to bring a jacket! Things went a bit downhill as the weather turned for the worse as we got to the park...it was tipping it down. Luckily the majority of the visit was a safari so we were in the comfort of a car. For the rest of the 'on foot' safari I huddled under an umbrella with Ian..heehee!!

A few blurry shots..

We saw lots of animals up close so it was definitely worth the visit!

 I hope you are all enjoying your week so far : )

Gemma x


  1. The poor old giraffes looked thoroughly miserable!

  2. The rain was a little unexpected on Sunday wasn't it. You managed to get a great shot of the Zebras : )
    Wembley is an amazing building, it is so big and seems to look even bigger inside. i really want to do the tour, may save that for the summer when we should be guaranteed a little bit more sunshine (hopefully) xxx

  3. Ikea and safari animals - what fun!! I'm with you, bring on Spring!


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