28 March 2011

Ideal Home Show

On Saturday Ian and I were lucky enough to go to the 'Ideal Home Show' in Earls Court....FOR FREE!!

I signed up to a weekly newsletter from Money Saving Expert and saw that a few thousand tickets were going free. We also managed to get some for the Grand Design Exibition in April. If you live in the UK I'd really recommend signing up to it.

So early Saturday morning we set off to London. Since the 7/7 bombings I have felt really apprehensive about going on the underground...I know it's silly. 

But thinking about it, we shouldn't let it stop us doing anything...especially great opportunities like this.

The show was full of lots of random stalls. Some were large companies, some were small businesses just starting out. 

There were lots of sales people...lots of new products and ideas.

Most pictures are of random bits from the show. 

Beautiful furniture. I really love the white chairs.

This was AMAZING. Completely hand embroidered..so much small detail!

There was this huge cube screen in the centre of it all with videos being projected onto it.

Company that sorts out all your 'Games Room Needs'

They even had a scene from a famous soap...along with a 'modern/eco friendly' version.

Yes....a eating table WITH a pond in it.

We saw a few celebs.

Clever Cake...not sure if id have it at my wedding though!

Shabby Chic goodness!

 There were lots of free goodies available too...mostly food (and mostly may contain nuts..which I cannot have!).

All in all a really nice but tiring day. I'm glad I went and I'm glad I didn't give in to fear and not go.

I know it is silly but I felt I was acting up to my 'word of the year'...bravery!

How was your weekend?

Gemma xXx



  1. i love to go to home shows....i don't blame you for being nervous going into the city. i was a little nervous to go on the trip to washington dc because there had been two motorcoach accidents the week before we left. and we were traveling by motorcoach... :P

    i love that embroidery but the cake of will and kate creeped me out. a lot!!

    i'm glad you had fun. maybe it will be easier to do these things now that you are doing them more...

    have a great week..

    hugs, cindy

  2. The show looked lovely, I really liked the table with a pond it. ALthough I might be a bit worried about breaking it. I'm glad you braved the underground. I still get scared sometimes and I use it everyday. xx

  3. Gem, you are so lucky to be able to go and for free too!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Laura x


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