3 March 2011

Thank God it's ALMOST Friday!

* A random post about random things *


We are almost there! Just one more push and hello Friday : )

I'm not the type to wish my life away but this has been one hectic week and today has been such a headache.

I work with some unbelievably rude people. I try and ignore them as much as possible but sometimes they really get to me.

At Nursery I was doing a creative activity with the children. They basically had to draw a flower, and stick crumpled crepe paper all over the flower shape. The one particular rude lady walked by and said "what kind of flower is that?!"....

I think it's so rude to criticize adults..let alone children! The whole point in art is that each of their drawing are unique...you can't make them all draw the conventional flower shape...they are only 3 years old!!! 

We are meant to be boosting their confidence, not destroying it. Negative people shouldn't work with children, end of.

Sorry to rant but it just bugs me immensely.

On Friday afternoons (when I get home) I have a ritual. I look forward to these moments all week long.....

Firstly have a nice big hot cup of Tea. 

Shower and feel fresh for the weekend (wash away that nursery smell - yuk).

Wear ultra cosy comfortable clothes.

Paint my nails a happy colour. 

Grab my throw and snuggle up on the Sofa with my mum.

Think I resent my day job much....? lol  

 Did anyone catch Jamie's Dream school on Channel 4 last night? 

I really enjoyed it but it was really stressful to watch....the teens just didn't listen to the teachers whatsoever. They were their own worst enemy.

Very frustrating.

What did you think of it?

If I ever pursue a career in teaching...I would never work in a high school!!


I'll leave you with a  picture....  I love that shade of shocking yet soft pink...

Thanks for reading my random post : )

Enjoy your Thursday,

Gemma xXx 


  1. I can understand why you are so worked up by them, that is an auful thing to say. I think a lot of the time people are rude because of their own insecurities. She was probably jealous of you doing such an amazing job and the fact that the children were enjoying it.
    I did see that programme last night and too really enjoyed it however I hated the history teacher, I didn't like him at all.
    Only 1 more day to go till the weekend : )Now I am the jealous one of your brilliant Friday afternoon routine. Enjoy it you deserve it xxx

  2. mean people suck!!! some people just can never say anything nice. i avoid them at all costs....

    i love fridays too....there is just something about looking forward to two days off....i love it....

    next time someone says something stupid to you say something like "i'm sorry, could you repeat that? i don't think i heard you right" when they repeat it, say "that's what i thought you said" and then turn away and ignore them...its kind of passive/aggressive and it pisses them off. :D


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