12 April 2011

Easter Holidays

We were blessed with B-E-A-UTIFUL weather over the past weekend...there was glorious sunshine, blue skies and warmth! The moment a hint of summer pops up everyone here dresses in shorts, t-shirts, dresses or skirts. 

Everyone drags out their BBQs and makes the most of the weather (England doesn't usually get this weather).

We celebrated my brothers birthday earlier on in the week and the sun set was amazing. 

We sat outside the restaurant whilst waiting for a table. It was admitedly chilly but seeing the sunset was worth a few shivers.

Ian played football with my brother in the garden (before the grass was cut!!) .....

and Jasper decided to try   destroy the ball  and join in...

We of course had a little BBQ of our own whilst carrying on with building the new planter walls in the garden, which are coming along nicely. Hopefully they will be done in a week or so.


 It's the Easter Holidays!

I am so glad to have two weeks off work...maybe the time off will make things a little better when I'm back??

I'm going to try and use this time as well as I can.

I want to be productive.

I said to myself over the weekend that I will do something useful and productive each day...however yesterday was a big flop! I have a few orders to get out but I got sucked in by the dreaded computer and a bit of TV...bad bad bad. 

I just wanted to share a new addition to my shop with you all....

I really love the soft colours...they are very springy and 'fresh'....if that makes sense? lol

I've got a recipe to share with you in a day or so....see you then!

Love you all,

Gemma x


  1. I love your new cushion Gemma, the colours are gorgeous. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the warmer weather. xx

  2. Loving the new design it is gorgeous. Your work always looks so lovely, I really hope this little business of yours lifts off one day soon so you can get out of the nursery and be able to enjoy your work : ) Fingers crossed xxx


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Gemma x


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