20 April 2011

Virtual Coffee

Good morning!

If we were having a real coffee I'd suggest sitting outside and would be asking you if you are enjoying the weather at the moment. It is meant to be quite warm all Easter weekend and hopefully up till and on the Royal Wedding! 

The lovely weather has meant that the wall can get done quicker. The left wall needs one more layer of bricks, then we are going to be putting on wood cladding/decking on it (to cover the ugly bricks).

I would tell you that I haven't been great this past weekend. Whilst sitting with Ian's family on his birthday I began to feel really uncomfortable. It turns out I had a bout of cystitis...ARRGH! It is horrible as some of you may know. I drank a lot of cranberry juice and lemon barely and it seems to have cleared up on it's own.

This morning I have been pottering around in the garden. As some of you may know I am a bit of novice to gardening. Last year I discovered the joy of 'growing your own' and it went quite well. However this year things are a bit different. Seedlings are growing but then dying...I've had to sow a lot of plants again. I think the compost isn't retaining water properly so i'm keeping a close eye on the moisture levels.

  I would tell you that I found a beautiful tin for storing all my seed packets in. I think it was a biscuit tin from Christmas but I think it does the job nicely for seeds. It's exciting to think that this tin will store seeds for the garden in our future home....one day!

Whilst sorting out the tin and sowing a few bits outdoors I had an audience...a fluffy audience...

A dog that likes to chill in the shade...

And a cat that loves to sunbathe...such a diva!

Hope you are having a good week so far..

Gemma xXx

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