5 May 2011

Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry...

Hi Girlies...

Happy Thursday...we are almost there : )

A month or two back Ian's parents ordered some fruit trees from a company advertised in a magazine. There was an offer where you got a free Cherry Tree when you order 4 other trees.

They ordered 10 trees in total...5 for themselves...and 5 for his Aunts Birthday.

A few weeks went by but the trees hadn't turned up and of course it was nearing the birthday. They phoned up the company...their excuse was that the address they had was wrong. 

The trees were re-ordered at no extra cost. 

Another week had passed and no trees & at this point the birthday had come and gone. The companies excuse this time was that the delivery company 'lost the order'. As you can imagine Ian's parents were quite upset. It should of arrived weeks ago.

YET AGAIN....The trees were re-ordered at no extra cost.

A few days later ...some trees turned up!!! We assumed the company got their act together and dispatched the second order quickly.


It was the first order....AND...
....A week or so after that some more trees turned up...YAY...FREE TREES : )

As the company messed them around so much they decided not to return the second lot of trees and gave them to Ian & I!

We have an eating apple, cooking apple , plum, cherry and pear tree.

For now we are keeping them here (at my house) and hopefully one day we will have a garden of our own large enough to store them!

It's step move towards a self-sufficient life!

Gemma xXx


  1. Pleased it turned out OK in the end - how lovely to have lots of fruit trees! We have an apple and a cherry tree in pots; you need to feed them with lots of fresh compost every spring or they refuse to produce any fruit. Good luck...my mouth is now watering thinking about fruit pies and crumbles! Liz :)

  2. Good luck with your trees! I am horrible at growing ANY type of plant but I would LOVE to have fruit trees more than anything. Just think, if you kill them, it doesn't really matter since they were free. Cannot wait to see what you make with all of your fruit!

  3. we have berry shrubs but no fruit trees....that someday we would love to get some....i can't wait to see your harvest someday....


  4. Ha! That is funny (and too bad for the company). Hope you get lots of fruit and can someday transplant them to your own yard. What fun!

  5. Wow, you own little orchard. Hope you get lots of fruit, because fruit means yummy jams.

  6. Hi sweet Gem, I cant wait to see the wonderful growth of your trees and the flowers!!!! think of the amazing flowers you are going to have!!!!
    love and sunshine to you,
    Laura xxx


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