11 May 2011

The Book Shelf

Have you got a piece of furniture that has been waiting to be put up for months and months and months?


Well I did....
I needed a shelf for my bedroom that didn't cost the earth...after all it's merely a plank of wood being held up.

I spotted two black shelf brackets in the discount section in IKEA for 99p each. I had a plank of wood for the shelf already. I painted the wood with paint we already had and bought some cream spray paint in the bank holiday sales.


I'm loving how the books add a touch of colour to my room.

I also love how at a glance you can tell what type of person I am from the book I read.

My hobbies.

My interests

My ways of escaping.

 In all honesty I think I need to read A LOT more! I'm on the same book that I was a month or so back...it is terrible.

How often do you read?

 What kind of books do you read?

When it comes to fiction books I can't resist a good romance.

Anyway having the bookshelf up means another corner of my bedroom is complete. I'm really sorry I haven't showed you the make-over sooner....life can sometimes take over and decorating sometimes takes the back burner for a while!

I hope you are having a great Wednesday wherever you may be : )

Gemma x


  1. i love this little peek into your head.....you really can tell what kind of person you are just by the books that you read.

    i can tell that you are going to make a great homemaker and mama someday. you house is going to be beautiful and full of handmade goodness.

    i can tell by the books that you read that you are a dreamer and you love happy endings.

    i love books too and i have tons on photography and decorating. two of my passions. i can't wait to see your room finished.....

    hugs, cindy

  2. How funny! I just spray painted a book shelf this week! But you are far ahead of me, it is still just hanging out without any books on it. Don't feel bad about not reading - you will find the time. I am not sure if you would like this author or not but I LOVE Celia Rivenbark. She is hilarious! If you ever need light reading and a little pick me up I would try any of her books.


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Gemma x


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