3 May 2011

Last of the long weekends..Part 1


The last of the long weekends have ended. I really could of gotten used to a 4 day weekend!

The past weekend was full of highs and lows.


The Royal Wedding! Eek...it was fantastic.

I woke up at 8am to watch it and stopped when they finally kissed on the balcony. I felt so proud to be British. I'm glad that I was able to see something so special in my lifetime...it was nice to see and feel some unity in this country!

Did you watch it?

You can see how in love they are...it was a day of romance and celebration! 


We were lucky AGAIN to get free tickets to Grand Designs Live in London. My grandparents and Uncle came along with Ian and I.

I don't know what it is about my grandparents but they literally LOVE free samples...seriously. 

We managed to get a few pots of free paint from the Dulux stall.

I'm using mine for a new project which I will show you all soon : )

Typically...they ended up spending money on lunch BEFORE finding the food stalls...where there were tons of free samples.

We had great fun finding different samples to try and managed to come home with a bag full of different goodies...cleaning products...cereal...'yakult'...plant food. 

I think it was like Christmas day for them!

Once we got home we came back to a bit of a headache. A water pipe had burst down the road and had flooded quite badly. We were out of water all day. Luckily we had some juice but going to the toilet was the tricky bit!

The water company had arranged for bottles of water to be dropped off on the street corner at 5pm. We waited till 5.30 before they turned up and it was an utter NIGHTMARE.

You would of thought we hadn't had water in days...not hours. Instead of queuing, local people literally 'rushed' in...pushed..pulled..argued for their bottled water. We were pushed to the back so many times. People took way too much.

Luckily Ian managed to grab some. 

We dropped some off to an old lady a few doors down out of kindness but everyone else was being really really selfish.

The worst bit was the water came back on a few hours later....hmmm.

Anyway enough from me for now. Check back in tomorrow for part 2!

Gemma x

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  1. That is horrible about your water, but very kind that you all got some for your elderly neighbor. I am sure she really appreciated that. I couldn't help but giglle a little about the other people fighting for water when it had only been shut off for a couple of hours. I am sure it was because it was free. Good thing your grandparents didn't act like that over their free samples - I love free samples of ANYTHING myself - especially food :)


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