8 June 2011

Grow your own - 2011

Hello Wednesday.

After a weekend of heat and sun we've been hit by a few storms. The rain just keeps on coming. 

This being the second year of me 'growing my own' has made me see the huge benefit of rain during the summer months. I used to curse the rain. It ruined our plans for BBQ's or days out in the sun. Nowadays I'm appreciating the rain that falls (mostly in the evening mind you).

The garden is lush and the veg plants are becoming increasingly bigger.

We have signs of growth of Tomatoes...

We've picked Raspberries already.


Our walls are slowly filling up. (They still need to covered in the decking!!)


Sugar snap peas are climbing...

And Strawberries are reddening...

Sometimes I find a headache can instantaneously disappear when I step outdoors, take a deep breath and just listen to the birds sing. It can seem magical.

I hope I don't sound like a looney going on about the outdoors but feeling this way has only really occurred recently.  I've never been an 'outdoorsy' kinda girl and I guess changing my opinion on something I thought I disliked is a big deal in my world. 

I'm a convert.

I hope your enjoying your week so far!
Love Gemma xXx


  1. I do agree, it is so exciting to see the things that you have planted all doing so well.

  2. wow!! those flowers are beautiful. i love the white and purple one. i can't believe that you have been able to pick raspberries. we just picked strawberries last night and they were good!!!

    your gardens look great!!

    hugs, cindy

  3. Wow you have certainly grown some beautiful flowers, they look so bright and colourful, very vibrant xxx


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