27 June 2011

Weekend of Sunshine

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I always have a heavy feeling in my tummy when I know Monday is here. I love life but weekends are the best!

We had a busy one but it wasn't hectic. We mostly sat down, ate, drank and tried our very best to keep cool.

On Saturday we popped to a local school fair, did some shopping for a BBQ that evening and then got home. Annoyingly we realised some of the sausages we had bought were out of date...yuk! So it was back to the shops again to swap them for some good ones.

We relaxed for the rest of the day. Friends came over. We had a yummy BBQ. Lit a bonfire and ate a GORGEOUS Brownie Dessert (recipe to follow soon!). We stayed outside till about 12am then headed off to bed.

On Sunday it was HOT. Almost unbearable. Ian & I went to a local park and plonked ourselves down on the grass in the shade. We sat for an hour or so and admired our surroundings. Crazy dogs running away from their owners. Little children throwing Frisbees and nearly hitting my head! 

It was my cousins birthday so we headed over to her house for a bit of a family BBQ. Again it was boiling hot and I got a little tanned (yippee!). We sipped on Pimms and enjoyed each others company.

Later that day we met up with some friends for a drink and sat in the evening sun. 


Just lovely.

I wish I had some pictures of it all but I didn't even think to take any!

That weekend won't always be in the front of my memory but atleast it's recorded on my little blog...that way I can remember it forever. 

Did you have a nice weekend? What did you do?

Hope you have a lovely day : )

Gemma x


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I agree, weekends are the absolute BEST!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, just chilling and enjoying the sun! I hate Mondays too and always get 'school fever' on a Sunday night x

  3. Hope you are keeping cool in the heat!!! its funny to imagine that it could get really hot over there in the uk, i think my hottest summer over there it may have gotten to around 18 degrees!!! (i was up in scotland though!) Have a wonderful day gem!
    Laura xx


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