15 July 2011

Birthday surprises


I've been a bit of  a bad blogger recently. I've got a list of things to say but just haven't had the motivation to post. I guess we all have our off days.

I'm trying to think of a 'new look' for the blog. I want to keep it white but with colourful details here and there and a nice banner. Does that make sense?

Anyway until then I'm keeping it white.

Last weekend we celebrated my mums birthday. For the past few weeks I've been keeping little secrets about her day and considering I spend most of my time with her...IT WAS HARD! We would usually plan these things together for others so I really had to hold my tongue.

I surprised her by making these fancy looking cupcakes.

I made chocolate and lemon...both favourites in this house!

Because of my nut allergy I'm not usually allowed cupcakes from posh bakeries so this was my chance to have my first fancy one! I followed two great recipes which I will 100% use again (and will share on here!).  

My dad surprised my mum with a huge bouquet of flowers. They were so dreamy!

Really really lovely! The smell was divine : )

Overall we all had a lovely day and it was such a 'relief' to get the surprised out in the open!

Have a lovely weekend : )

Gemma xXx

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  1. That birthday bouquet is just gorgeous! (Well, so are the cup cakes!)


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