22 July 2011

Happy Friday

CUTE card!
I was thrilled when I heard I had won Gems giveaway a few days back (my first ever win!). It was the first giveaway I have ever won, so as you can imagine I had a big smile on my face : )

I've eagerly been waiting on the Postman who has typically not been delivering till 5ish (pm!). The gorgeous gifts came individually wrapped in soft pink polka dot wrapping paper. As I opened each gift I let out a little 'Oooo' or 'Eeek' (excited much?)

As her theme was 'Girls night in'..these presents were REALLY appropriate! An adorable card with a lovely message, a Face mask, Pedicure set, Big Galaxy bar ( nom nom nom ) and the DVD 'Bridal Wars'. 

Gem! I've been dying to see this movie. A few months back I was convinced I had it. I searched the whole house but it was nowhere to be seen. I then realised what I thought was it was an entirely different film.... so this is perfect!

Something else that makes this even more special is that I don't usually get gifts halfway through the year. As my birthday is the 23rd December, and our anniversay is the 27th, I have a wait a year for gifts. Silly but true.

Thank you : )

Plans for the weekend includes snuggling up, 
going shopping (!), a nice long walk around a lake....some baking and maybe even a jog!

Have a fantastic weekend loves!

Gemma x 


  1. Glad you liked them, I wasn't sure with the DVD as I was worried you may already have it, glad I picked this one now :) xxx

  2. If that is your baking on the sidebar it sure looks good

  3. It is! Thank you very much : )

    Have a great weekend x

  4. Wow , congratulations Gem! you deserve it! im sure you will enjoy your weekend of pampering and treats!!!
    Laura xxx

  5. lucky dog....i never win anything in those giveaways. it's always nice to get a gift especially when it is unexpected.

    i haven't seen that movie. i did see "bridesmaids" though and i loved it!~ did you see the new harry potter yet?

    hugs, cindy


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