6 July 2011

It's the small things.

Something I've admired about Ian's family for a while is that they always bring one another flowers. 

Not just for birthdays or anniversarys...but for general day to day catch-ups. Not expensive extravagant bunches, but whatever is flourishing in their garden at the time.

Our weekend consisted of a Birthday and a Christening (both on Ian's side of the family) It was great to see everyone and celebrate...and eat A LOT of cake which is not great for the holiday diet. Considering it's my mums birthday this weekend I had better behave all this week!

Although the weekend was full of loveliness, receiving these sweet peas made my day! The smell and colour are enough to make me happy : )

It's the small considerate things in life that count and bring happiness.

Hope you're having a great week so far and hello to any new followers. 

Thank you!

Gemma x


  1. Aw, that's lovely :). I agree, it's always the small gestures which mean the most.

    Sadie x


  2. I love the colour of your sweet peas. Beautiful. x

  3. that is one flower that i love that i have never thought about growing....i am going to have to grow those next year.....

    i love your family tradition of bringing flowers to each other. there is nothing better than getting flowers..ever!!!

    i love that table that the flower vase is on. it has so much character!!

    hugs, cindy

  4. Lovely flowers - they really do make a difference, don't they? Our sweet peas are, once again, not growing. I think we just live too far south. But I have some lovely Morning Glory flowers opening now!

  5. I love sweet peas and have some growing at the moment which are keeping my kitchen smelling lovely. What a nice thing to do of giving flowers 'just because'. x

  6. Sweet peas, one of my favourite flowers. How lovely to have them as a gift.


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