20 July 2011

Nivea Feel Closer Campaign

As a big fan of NIVEA  products I was amazed to hear that they are celebrating their 100th birthday this year. It is so funny to think that us 'modern day' women are using the same trusted products from the early 1900's! To mark this huge occassion Nivea are running a campaign on feeling closer in everyday life.
Nivea commissioned psychologist Professor  Geoff Beattie to carry out research as a barometer of closeness in Britain. The research was intended to find out if modern technology (like mobiles, e-mails and BLOGS) are making us closer than ever or if it is giving us an excuse to never meet friends face to face.
I feel that there are pros and cons when it comes to using technology to socialise.

It has allowed me to talk regularly to loved ones that are living far away. I can drop Ian a quick text during the working day to see how he is. Through blogs I have discovered people across the globe who have the same interests as me, who inspire me and keep motivated to follow my dreams. Without this type of technology I would not have the opportunity to 'meet' such wonderful people and to socialise in this way.

On the other hand, social networking sites can sometimes seem like a substitute for meeting up for a coffee and sharing holiday photos with your best friend. Real life conversations with friends can be few and far between when you both have busy lives. Texts, e-mails and instant messaging are the only alternative. Talking through this medium can also make it difficult to interpret the 'tone' of what someone is trying to say. Words can easily be misinterpreted for something negative when it could be completely innocent.
Nivea have opened a Feel Closer Facebook page where you can have your say on the debate. They want to hear about your experiences of socialising online and face to face. Do you feel this technology is making us closer or tearing us apart?

To make the debate even more interesting, Nivea have launched a million moments of closeness competition. Simply upload a photo of a cosy moment with someone you know at facebook.com/niveauk.   Each day for 100 days you could be in with a chance to win one of 100 prizes of worth £100!
Thank you for reading!
Gemma x

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  1. I do love Nivea...but I wont have anything to do with Facebook!


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