18 July 2011

What could this be used for? Advice needed!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It absolutely tipped it down here and it looks set to be a wet week.

You wouldn't think it was July...Seriously.


The other day I was looking in a local charity shop and spotted this..

I thought it was nice and it had potential, but I had no idea what it was used for. I decided to leave it but it played on my mind whilst walking around other shops. For 85p I couldn't forget such a nice... thingy?

I like the stars on each side.

I know some people object to painting things white/cream but I just had to with this...

Much better IMO!

Now the only thing I can think of is that it is a Napkin holder?

Please please could you give me any ideas of what this can be used for?

This is now going to be stored in our 'Box'. It is a box where Ian & I have started to collect little bits and bobs for our one day first home.  We've decided not to look in the box until we move so what's in there will be a little surprise...It's the small things right!

I'm looking forward to hearing some suggestions : )

Thank you in advance!

Gemma x


  1. It's cute... You can find a cloth napkin, one of the big ones and put it in it and then fill it with baked goodies when you have company!

    Or... you can put it in a bathroom and fill it with soaps, bath salts, bubbles etc...


  2. Depending on the size, I'd use it for 4 pretty pots of herbs and keep it in the kitchen.

  3. Great find Gem, I was going to say napkin holder but you beat me to it. You could also use it in the bathroom, it would look cute with rolled up face washers or a combination of bath products. xx

  4. I would have said a napkin holder, but you could use it to keep keys and bits in, in the hallway, things always seem to mount up there. i'm sure you will find a great use for it though, what ever that may be : ) xxx

  5. how about keys or mail on the entry table (if you have one, that is) or like mine, it holds "stuff" in a kitchen cabinet that has no other home. mine holds coupons, lip gloss, batteries, pens and nail clippers.

    in the bathroom, it could hold washcloths or towels, makeup or little hand lotion bottles.

    in the bedroom, it could hold a cute potted plant on your nightstand.

    it's really cute and i like it better painted...

    hugs, cindy


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