25 August 2011

10 Secrets

I've seen this on a few blogs and wanted to take part! Sometimes you can read a blog religiously and not know a lot of personal bits about the actual writer....so this is me sharing with you : ) 

I don't think I'll get them all done in 10 days in a row but we shall see!

1. I am a fussy eater (kind of). I love food yet sometimes I struggle to come up with breakfast / lunch ideas that get my tongue salivating (yuk!). I don't particularly like the usual stuff..sandwiches for lunch..cereal or toast for breakfast. I wish I could eat the fun kind of things you see on Pinterest everyday! 

Both from Pinterest

2. I'm loving this 'grow your own' malarkey BUT I'm hating the bugs that come along with it. We've had lots of cabbage this year but the first few layers have caterpillars and their eggs in it. Enough to make you hurl. 

It's all better once they have disappeared!  

3. Sometimes I'm a messy person. Thread cut offs everywhere on my desk... clothes that I am yet to put away (!)...only sometimes though...

4. I've got a blocked nose most of the time so I'm known to ALWAYS have a tissue on me...not cool...lol!

5. You will find A LOT of lists in my notepad and each one will have atleast one thing not crossed off...because I "didn't get around to doing it"!

6. I hate living on the outskirts of London sometimes.

7. I have a burn scar on one of my fingers from when I was younger. My mum was ironing and said "don't touch..hot..burn!" and what did I do....touch it.

8. I am so behind in technology when it comes to my mobile phone. It has a camera and video but it's very temperamental...I need a new one!

9. Ian & I have started to run occasionally but I would like to do it more. Hurt ankles have put us behind by a week or so and I really want to start again.

10. When I'm home and I'm cold..I will wear my cosy dressing gown over my clothes..because I can!

Feel free to join in!

Happy Thursday : )

Gemma x

19 August 2011

Ikea Finds

Hello & Happy Friday!

Thank you for your sweet comments about the chocolate cupcakes, it's nice to hear from readers so keep them coming : )

Today I wanted to share two fab finds I (I say I but really I mean my mum!) from Ikea clearance. If you're a regular reader you'll know I'm always banging on about Ikea something or other. I'm lucky enough to have one 20 minutes drive away so we are always there.

I love the clearance corner and have snapped up some decent fabric there in the past for £1...not bad. My mum spotted this big blue candle lantern for the garden for £1. It had some sticky residue from a sticker but apart from that it was perfect..for £1!

It's perfect on the table in the evening whilst having a BBQ.

I was jealous...I wish I saw it first! It would have gone in our 'one day' box of goodies for our first home.

My mum also spotted this milk churn copy on the normal shelves. It had another smaller one inside...making it a steal for £3!

 It's quite rustic looking so goes fairly well with cut sunflowers.

If you're in Ikea over the weekend keep an eye out for seasonal clearance items...it's worth it!

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥    ♥    ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm getting my hair cut (nothing too drastic) and am hoping to make some Chinese Spring Rolls..nom nom nom : P Nothing really exciting.

Gemma xXx 

16 August 2011

Recipe : The BEST Chocolate Cupcakes!

I made these cupcakes along with the Lemon ones for my mums birthday. If you are a Chocolate lover this is the cupcake for you. It's moist and rich. The frosting is creamy and oh so good!

To give it a professional look I piped on the icing and sprinkled on some edible pink glittery stuff...can't remember what it is called!

Chocolate Cupcakes and Frosting
Found at Good To Know

Ingredients (makes 12)


100g plain flower
20g cocoa powder
140g caster sugar
1.5tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
40g unsalted butter at room temperature
120ml whole milk
1 egg
¼tsp of vanilla extract


600g icing sugar sifted
200g unsalted butter
80g cocoa powder
80ml whole milk


Preheat your oven to 170C/gas 3/325f. 

Put the flour, cocoa, sugar, baking powder, salt and butter in a bowl and mix together into a sandy consistency. Whisk the milk, egg and vanilla in a jug. Pour half into the mixture, stir all together, then add the rest and blend until smooth.

 Spoon into the cases and bake for 20 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.


The frosting

Beat icing sugar, butter and cocoa powder together until combined. Add the milk gradually, stirring slowly. Once mixed stir at a high speed again and beat for approx 5 mins and mixture is light and fluffy.

Spread or pipe onto the cooled cupcakes.

Again these were so good that they will be added to my recipe book : )

   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥       ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥ 

How was your weekend? On Saturday Ian & I house sat for the night at his Aunts while she was away. She has a lovely house and garden so it really felt like we were on a mini break. 
At first it felt weird because it was just the two of us in the whole house. We didn't really know what to do with ourselves..but then realised we should just carry on as normal. We snuggled up on their comfy 'L' sofa, kept warm and watched Shrek the third.

Happy days : )

Gemma xXx

12 August 2011


Happy Friday!

Sorry I haven't been posting much this week. It's been a bit hectic. From my parents washing machine breaking down because of a spilt drink to my dad hurting his back quite badly from moving the damn thing!

I've been bombarded with sales *Happy Dance* which I am very thankful for. I've also been revising hard for my Driving Theory Test which I passed today.

I think I woke up atleast five times last night through worry....once at 5am to the sound of Seagulls..random. I'm a complete stress head when it comes to most things so I kind of expected to clam up.

Atleast it's over and done with now. The next step is the one I've been avoiding...to actually drive a car....


Have a great weekend : )

Gemma x

3 August 2011

Do you share your blog?

Last Friday some friends were over at Ian's. They are friends we went to school with, we see them every now and then but I wouldn't say we are extremely 'close'. We had a nice BBQ, had a laugh and a good talk. We were discussing my Cushion business and how I am making my own official website for it. It's under construction but I've added quite a bit to it, including a link to my blog.

When asked what it was called I held back. For some reason I didn't want to tell them..because then they would see my blog.

A lot of my immediate family know about it, but my extended family do not. Again, I love all of my family but i'm not particularly close with my extended family. 

For some reason I feel unsure about sharing another part of my life with them all. It's weird because blogging is essentially sharing your life with people across the globe...strangers. Yet I feel at ease sharing my photos and feelings on here.

Do any of you feel the same about your blog? Do all your friends read it?

I guess I should get over it. I love my blog and I love the blogging community...it's a great place to be! I shouldn't care what people think of me but I guess that is easier said then done!

Please comment any advice or similar feelings you may have about this issue : )

Gemma x

1 August 2011

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was much needed. After a stressful week all I needed was some sunshine, peace and good food

Friday : Last minute plans were made for a few friends to come over and have a BBQ / Bonfire at Ian's. We had Reggae Reggae chicken, yummy flavourful sausages and big burgers. Sometimes a meat only BBQ is necessary after a rough week!

Saturday : We ran a few errands in town in the morning. It's always stressful going into Edgware here. Constant traffic jams. We parked up a few roads away and just walked, so much easier! We grabbed some milkshake from Sainsburys (an occurring weekend treat) and headed to a local driving range to hit a few balls. Later that day we had a family dinner at my house. We made Paella and it was so good! It's pure comfort food and I guess it's fairly healthy? That evening Ian's mum bought some Ben and Jerry's...need I say more?

Sunday : Me & Ian headed to 'Crews Hill' in Enfield. It's basically a long road with lots of garden centers. I love the drive there as you pass lots of pretty fields and cows! On the way back we hit traffic on the motorway in the boiling heat (!) but luckily it only lasted 5 minutes. After that we met up with my family for a small walk and lunch at (another) garden center...garden center crawl much? We shared a huge bowl of chips with my brother and sister..nomnomnom. That evening I made a Raspberry & Apple crumble with Raspberries from our garden.

I think I ate waaay to much food this weekend! I would definitely say I'm a foodie kind of girl and sometimes a good weekend must include good food..MUST!

Did you have a good weekend? What kind of good food did you enjoy?

Gemma xXx 

P.s - Happy August!
Time is flying by..not sure if I like it?


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