25 August 2011

10 Secrets

I've seen this on a few blogs and wanted to take part! Sometimes you can read a blog religiously and not know a lot of personal bits about the actual writer....so this is me sharing with you : ) 

I don't think I'll get them all done in 10 days in a row but we shall see!

1. I am a fussy eater (kind of). I love food yet sometimes I struggle to come up with breakfast / lunch ideas that get my tongue salivating (yuk!). I don't particularly like the usual stuff..sandwiches for lunch..cereal or toast for breakfast. I wish I could eat the fun kind of things you see on Pinterest everyday! 

Both from Pinterest

2. I'm loving this 'grow your own' malarkey BUT I'm hating the bugs that come along with it. We've had lots of cabbage this year but the first few layers have caterpillars and their eggs in it. Enough to make you hurl. 

It's all better once they have disappeared!  

3. Sometimes I'm a messy person. Thread cut offs everywhere on my desk... clothes that I am yet to put away (!)...only sometimes though...

4. I've got a blocked nose most of the time so I'm known to ALWAYS have a tissue on me...not cool...lol!

5. You will find A LOT of lists in my notepad and each one will have atleast one thing not crossed off...because I "didn't get around to doing it"!

6. I hate living on the outskirts of London sometimes.

7. I have a burn scar on one of my fingers from when I was younger. My mum was ironing and said "don't touch..hot..burn!" and what did I do....touch it.

8. I am so behind in technology when it comes to my mobile phone. It has a camera and video but it's very temperamental...I need a new one!

9. Ian & I have started to run occasionally but I would like to do it more. Hurt ankles have put us behind by a week or so and I really want to start again.

10. When I'm home and I'm cold..I will wear my cosy dressing gown over my clothes..because I can!

Feel free to join in!

Happy Thursday : )

Gemma x

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