3 August 2011

Do you share your blog?

Last Friday some friends were over at Ian's. They are friends we went to school with, we see them every now and then but I wouldn't say we are extremely 'close'. We had a nice BBQ, had a laugh and a good talk. We were discussing my Cushion business and how I am making my own official website for it. It's under construction but I've added quite a bit to it, including a link to my blog.

When asked what it was called I held back. For some reason I didn't want to tell them..because then they would see my blog.

A lot of my immediate family know about it, but my extended family do not. Again, I love all of my family but i'm not particularly close with my extended family. 

For some reason I feel unsure about sharing another part of my life with them all. It's weird because blogging is essentially sharing your life with people across the globe...strangers. Yet I feel at ease sharing my photos and feelings on here.

Do any of you feel the same about your blog? Do all your friends read it?

I guess I should get over it. I love my blog and I love the blogging community...it's a great place to be! I shouldn't care what people think of me but I guess that is easier said then done!

Please comment any advice or similar feelings you may have about this issue : )

Gemma x


  1. I'm so with you on this. There are some people I have no problem with reading my blog, other's I wouldn't feel the same way, it is really strange as I feel as though it is something I feel is quite personal but as you say it is read by people all over the globe, so although it is wierd I totally understand what you are saying xxx

  2. i try to keep my blog really neutral so i don't offend anyone. so far, so good!!! i have never read anything on your blog that might offend or that reveals too much.

    i say, go for it!! if they don't like it, they don't have to read it!!!!

    hugs, cindy

  3. My blog isnt really "personal", but saying that the name of my blog and of my Folksy shop (where people can access my blog) I have used my nans name, Rosa Lily, the same as Facebook and Twitter, no personal info on any of them, and never my "real" name. Im not paranoid but I dont want "certain" people to know what im doing. xx


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