1 August 2011

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was much needed. After a stressful week all I needed was some sunshine, peace and good food

Friday : Last minute plans were made for a few friends to come over and have a BBQ / Bonfire at Ian's. We had Reggae Reggae chicken, yummy flavourful sausages and big burgers. Sometimes a meat only BBQ is necessary after a rough week!

Saturday : We ran a few errands in town in the morning. It's always stressful going into Edgware here. Constant traffic jams. We parked up a few roads away and just walked, so much easier! We grabbed some milkshake from Sainsburys (an occurring weekend treat) and headed to a local driving range to hit a few balls. Later that day we had a family dinner at my house. We made Paella and it was so good! It's pure comfort food and I guess it's fairly healthy? That evening Ian's mum bought some Ben and Jerry's...need I say more?

Sunday : Me & Ian headed to 'Crews Hill' in Enfield. It's basically a long road with lots of garden centers. I love the drive there as you pass lots of pretty fields and cows! On the way back we hit traffic on the motorway in the boiling heat (!) but luckily it only lasted 5 minutes. After that we met up with my family for a small walk and lunch at (another) garden center...garden center crawl much? We shared a huge bowl of chips with my brother and sister..nomnomnom. That evening I made a Raspberry & Apple crumble with Raspberries from our garden.

I think I ate waaay to much food this weekend! I would definitely say I'm a foodie kind of girl and sometimes a good weekend must include good food..MUST!

Did you have a good weekend? What kind of good food did you enjoy?

Gemma xXx 

P.s - Happy August!
Time is flying by..not sure if I like it?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend - you've reminded me that I must use our barbeque at least once before this lovely weather ends!


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