19 September 2011

Florida 2011 part 1

I've been away these past two weeks in sunny Kissimmee, Florida.

Oh Boy.

Do I miss it...

I've been before but each time I go it's just as fantastic. I went with my family & Ian. We shared a lovely villa down this picturesque street. The weather was hot with the occasional (but typical) storm.

Our Villa

The street reminds me of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives!

It was just what we all needed.

 We swam (a lot), we ate (a lot), we shopped (a lot). We visited Mickey and Minnie Mouse...it was great.

I really do not like flying so I just wanted to get the flight there out of the way. I wish I was one of those people who can sleep on board but I'm not. The time would fly by. 

Instead I settled for watching a few films on the seat TV's which helped a bit. 

Once we landed I was happy and the holiday began!

On the first day we took it easy. Getting used to the time difference meant that we were up really early so we were tired!

A great place to go for something to do is Downtown Disney.

A free boat service runs across the lake which we took advantage of a lot (very refreshing). There are lots of restaurants, cafes, live music and shops including an all year christmas shop.

When we last visited we discovered this FABULOUS sandwich shop called Earl of Sandwich. They do toasted sandwiches with lots of fresh ingredients and are great with my allergy...


Soon after we headed back to the Villa for a swim. I'm telling you that pool was heaven after a boiling hot day walking around Disney parks!

Some sunbathing was a must!

That evening we went to the Outback Steakhouse..another great place to eat! I always always always have 'Alice Springs Chicken'...it rocks my socks!

The honey mustard is just WOW (want to replicate it!) and there garlic mash is so comforting (really want to make some of my own).

My blog is where I record my memories so I'm going to have to bore you with more holiday posts these next few days..I hope you don't mind : )

Thanks for reading!

Gemma x


  1. It sounds as if you had a really great holiday..how lovely!

  2. Am I jealous??????? MUCH! I love Florida it is calling me to go back :( Glad you had a great time. Have a nice day! xxxx

  3. Gem, i am sooo envious!!! i would desperately love to go to florida and see the theme parks!!! please show us more of your pics!!! cant wait!

  4. It was a good holiday! love Alex x

  5. Hello Gem,

    Great blog - I love it!

    Keep up the hard work


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