29 September 2011

Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

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When we came back from holiday all I wanted to do was get the veg patch sorted out again. A few plants had flourished and produced A LOT of veg...others did not do so well and died down.

We harvested a lot of medium sized King Edward Potatoes.

Something that did fairly well was the Tomatoes. A mistake we made with these was that we planted to many plants too close together...meaning not a lot of them got sunlight. After a closer look at the plant we could see mostly Green Tomatoes, some of which were going bad, so we had to use them up quickly!


A great way to use up Green Tomatoes is in the form of Chutney. Chutney goes with cheese, sandwiches, cold meat, in burgers, with dinner...the options are endless. It can store really well too if it is prepared and sealed correctly. That way you can use your harvest throughout the year and even into next year. 

Green Tomato Chutney 
(Sourced from here)

This makes around 7-10 medium sized jars.

  • 2.5kg green tomatoes, roughly chopped (I used some red ones to bulk  it up a bit)
  • 0.5kg onions, finely sliced
  • 4 tsp / 30g salt
  • 1L malt vinegar
  • 0.5kg soft light brown sugar
  • 250g sultanas, roughly chopped
  • 3 tsp / 20g ground pepper
I prefer a bit of spice in chutneys so I added a little ground ginger and paprika also.

You will also need:
  • Preserving pan or other large lidless pan
  • 7 - 10 jars with lids
  • Food wrap / cling film (to seal the jars)
  • Sticky labels


Slice your onions and washed green tomatoes, cutting out any bad bits. Add to a large bowl and stir. Add the 4 teaspoons of salt, stir again and then cover with food wrap or a large plate and leave overnight. (Make sure you do this as it draws out the excess water from the Tomatoes).

Once left over night, Place the litre of vinegar into a large pan. Add the 500g of light brown soft sugar and stir over a medium heat until all the sugar has dissolved & bring to the boil. 

 Roughly chop Sultanas and add them to the vinegar. Bring to a gentle boil.

Drain the Tomato and Onion mixture (do not rinse!!) and add to the vinegar mixture. Then add the pepper and any chosen spices you wish to add. Stir.

Once all the ingredients are in the pot, gently boil for 1-2 hours (stiring every now and then so it doesn't burn at the bottom) , until the chutney has thickened and has a golden appearance in colour. You will know that it is definitely done when you drag a wooden spoon down the middle of the chutney and you can see the bottom of the pan for atleast 5-10 seconds.

Now is the time to get your jars ready and sterilized. Wash your jars thoroughly with hot water and soap. Then set your oven to a medium heat and place jars upside down in the oven for 5 minutes. They will be HOT to handle after five minutes so ensure you are wearing oven gloves.

Spoon the chutney into the sterilized jars and place two layers of cling film over the top of the jars (this acts as a seal). Allow to cool, add sticky labels saying whats in the jar and when it was made, and place the lid on top.

You can either eat the Chutney now OR allow it to mature for a week or so (which is what I have done).


 I'm really glad I made this as it saved me from throwing away the sharp green tomato glut we had. I'm definitely going to make some more next year and possibly give some away as gifts to loved ones.

Tell me what you think!

Gemma x

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  1. A tip from Alan Titchmarsh (via me!) Put green toms into a brown paper bag with a banana - it will ripen a few more for you! lol

  2. I didn't know that! Thanks for the tip...we still have some remaining so I will have to do this : )

    Gemma x

  3. I'm so pleased you have posted this, We have so many green tomoatos so this weekend I will be making green tomato chutney :) thanks Gemma xxx

  4. Great Blog!

    Your recipes look fantastic!

    I see from some of your 'Days Out' posts you like visiting all sorts of places. I have just started my own travel/history blog..why not take a look? You may eve be able to give me some ideas of places to go!


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