5 September 2011

Guest Post - Cindy from Cameras and Chaos

I asked Cindy from Cameras and Chaos to do a guest post for me. Cameras and Chaos blog is full of furniture restorations ( you wouldn't believe how beautiful she makes them! ) and perfect photography.

Over to you Cindy : )

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Hello Everyone,  My name is Cindy and I share my life and photography over at my blog.  
Today we are going to talk about canning.  Canning is not for the faint of heart!!!  It is intimidating.  And messy.  I have always wanted to preserve my own food but never had the nerve to try it.  My friend, Laura has done a lot of canning and last summer she offered to show me the in's and out's of the this scary adventure and I helped her can some tomatoes.

The result? Not nearly as scary as I had imagined it to be....

Laura also graced us this summer with a plethora of tomatoes.  She and her family went on vacation and asked us to pick the vegetables out of their garden.  What to do with baskets of tomatoes? Why, can them, of course!

In the ten days she was gone, I think I picked about 3/4 of a bushel.  Since they would have gone bad before she got home I figured that this was the perfect opportunity for me to attempt this process on my own.
Altogether, I put up 18 quarts of tomatoes from her garden.  When she got home, she would only take 8 of the quarts and left me 10.  I love her!!!!
There is a lot of equipment needed to can.  A few large pans, a canning pot with a rack, a jar lifter and of course, canning jars. Once the tomatoes are dipped in boiling water and then plunged into cold water to remove their skins, I cut them up and added them to (another) large pan to cook slightly. 

 Believe me, there was a lot more than this in the sink when I was done peeling and coring the tomatoes....

They are packed into the canning jars with some lemon juice and salt, filled with boiling water and lidded.  They are then processed in the large canning pot and 45 minutes later, they are done.....  

During the process, it isn't pretty!!!  Maybe i'm just a messy cook but my kitchen was a disaster.  

Don't look!!!!!
Wow, that is a mess!!!  :)
It was worth it though, every minute of sweat and mess, to end up with these.... homegrown and ready for the cellar.  The best part of the whole canning process will be opening one of these jars when the snow is flying in the dead of winter and being able to relive the summer goodness....10 quarts of ruby colored garden jewels.

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Thank you Cindy : )  They look soo yummy!

Gemma x

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  1. It always seems strange to refer to it as 'canning', when in UK it was always known as 'bottling'!


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