15 September 2011

Guest Post - Dreams Of A Life In The Country

 Today Gem from Dreams of a life in the country is guest posting for me. Gems blog is full of her day to day life. From quaint little tea shops to her long list of crafts...I'm sure you'll all enjoy Gems blog!

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I was so pleased when Gemma asked me to do a guest post for her. This is my first guest post and I couldn’t be more happier to do this for Gemma who was one of the first blogs I began following and in return one of my first followers when I started my own blog just over a year ago.

I ummed and ahhed for quite a while, trying to think what to write about. After hours of thinking, the weather just seemed to be the most appropriate subject and what better than the change of season we are currently experiencing. As I sit and type this now the sky is grey and overcast, the temperature cold and slightly breezy, but I still can’t help feeling that warm and cosy feeling inside of me. I love autumn, although to be honest I love all seasons in their own special little way. 

I tend to feel differently at different times of the year dependant of the season. Does anyone else find that too?

The reasons I love autumn, well where should I begin. I love the change of colour on the trees, such pretty colours. I love the sound of fallen leaves beneath my feet as I walk along. I love country walks in the fresh crisp air.

I love conkering, a childhood memory that always makes me smile and something I would like to fulfil again this year.

I love, LOVE Halloween, I am such a big kid, I don’t know if it is because it wasn’t really celebrated when I was a kid but I just get so excited about celebrating this each year, decorating the house ready for the trick or treaters. 

I love Firework night, hearing the explosions whiz off in the air, the beautiful colours and the smell of sparklers. I love having bonfires, as a kid me and my brother would sit out in the garden with our Dad while he told us ghost stories, the sounds of the wood popping on the fire. 

I love snuggling up nice and warm in a big thick jumper, in front of the fire, under blankets watching films or reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

I love the dark evenings just as much as the light ones in the summer and each evening it seems to be getting darker just that little bit earlier, a true sign that Autumn is almost upon us. I could go on, really I could but for now I will leave it just there. What is your favourite season and why? I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you again soon. And thank you Gemma for inviting me to write in your special place, it has been great.

Hope you all have an amazing Autumn

Love Gem xxxx
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Thanks Gem! This post has made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. I'm really looking forward to the change in season too...pretty scarves and big thick jumpers. SO GOOD! 

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  1. What a lovely evocative Autumn post. It isnt my favourite season, but it can be very beautiful.


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