12 September 2011

Pretty Pictures From The Garden

I've been sorting through pictures on my Laptop. Every now and then I let it get really disorganised..pictures all over the place and things that should of been deleted ages ago.

Here are a few randoms I snapped in Ians Aunts Garden the other week when we house sat.

This was really pretty and the colour was amazing. Surprisingly this is an artichoke which has been left in the ground!

I thought this was a great way to re-use. It is an old parasol which has had extra string strung around it..making it perfect for climbing plants! 

A baby frog..but more on that another time!

Beautiful Sunset! It's a rare treat to see the sky like that here.

Goodbye Summer.

The End.


  1. Great photos! Love the pops of purple throughout!

  2. i think summer is gone here too.....ever since labor day the weather has been colder. i love fall but fall brings winter and you know how i feel about winter..... :(

    hugs, cindy


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