14 October 2011

Last weekend I went for that " long walk in a forest on a sunny but crisp Autumn Day "...unfortunately there wasn't a nice country pub at the end of the walk but i'm sure next time there will be.

The darkened leaves were mostly on the trees but a few had fallen..meaning I could kick and crunch to my hearts content : )

I took the camera (obviously) and took some pictures of the most Autumnal things...Trees!

This was my favourite tree..the only tree in the park with colours of this shade.

So Pretty! 

 Little signs of the end of Summer still lingered, untouched by wind or frost.

I like going for walks at any time of year but Autumn is the best! I think it's just having that chill in air that makes you wear that extra layer or grab that woolly scarf. The slight breeze in the air helps to clear your mind and get rid of that groggy feeling we all get when we just CAN'T BE BOTHERED!

I also think this kind of weather makes you appreciate home a lot more! There's no feeling like getting home from a chilly brisk walk and putting the kettle on or making a hot chocolate. I love the grab a book and cosy up for a day, knowing a yummy Sunday Roast dinner awaits me later.
I hope you enjoy your weekend..I have an eye test tomorrow which I am not looking forward to..EEP!
Gemma x


  1. I love the fact that when the colours in the flowers have gone the colours of Autumn appear. But yes - a cuppa please!

  2. That tree is beautiful. Looks like a lovely walk, I second everything you said there too :) (no surprise there hey) Good luck tomorrow, hope the rest fo the weekend is good to you x x x x

  3. i love the red yellow and oranges of fall. they just don't last long enough. we had some really beautiful color this fall, but yesterday and today, lots of wind so i am sure that most of the leaves are going to be blown off of the trees by tomorrow. :(

    those are really pretty pictures, gem!!!!


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