30 November 2011

Christmas Craft

Part of getting into the Christmas Spirit for me is making something. Sometimes I prefer a quick craft that will take an hour or so to make with things I already have at home..meaning it is cheap!

I spotted this in Molly Makes magazine and thought it would look really cute on my fairy light tree in my room.

There wasn't any instructions for the hanging tree in the magazine so I took a guess on how to make it.

Cut two triangle shapes out of felt, plus a long rectangle in a different colour (which will be the tree trunk). Fold some ribbon and sandwich it together at the top of the tree. Fold your rectangle of felt in half and sandwich it together at the bottom on the tree. Stitch around the edge of the tree, leaving a small gap to stuff. Fill the tree with polyester filling and then finish the stitch.

Hand stitch on your choice of buttons.

I really like it and hope to make some more handmade decorations. I think they create a sense of nostalgia, you can look back in years to come and remember the Christmas you made it.

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Things are starting to feel really festive here.  I've noticed a few houses with a tree and decorations up, Christmas adverts are on the TV, music is being played all day long.  These past few Christmas' I've found it hard to get as excited as I used to..but this year I am really getting into it. Our Tree is going up in the next day or so and I cannot wait!

Gemma x 


  1. That tree is so cute, I love the colours, funny how I would never think of making white Christmas tree decorations yet this looks so effective.
    The big question of course though is have you seen the Coco Cola advert yet?
    x x x x

  2. Nope! : ( I'm seriously not watching the right programmes.

  3. Aw it's amazing! I love home made decorations x

  4. i love the look of handmade ornaments.....the tree is adorable but i want to see more of your fairy light tree!!!!
    xo, cindy


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