17 November 2011

Holidays are comin


Sorry blog posts have been few and far between recently. I haven't really been feeling motivated to blog these days. I think it's been a mixture of things. Writers block hasn't helped and I feel like recently the amount of comments I get on this blog has been going down hill. I blog for myself and to log memories but hearing from readers encourages me to want to share more and lets me know someone is actually reading.

Regardless of if I hear from readers or not I will carry on though.

Last week I found out that I was signed up for a stall at a Christmas fair in the local area (I thought I couldn't do it previously and thought the organiser knew I couldn't!). It turned out I could attend after all so these past few days I've been crafting like crazy..trying to get things made. I've got a week and a bit to go and I've made atleast half of what I want to take so that's good. My fingers are swollen and sore  and the top of my back hurts from sitting constantly over the sewing machine but fingers crossed it will be worth it : )

In other news, Christmas has come early in this household! My mum and I really love this time of year so Christmas music is playing on the stereo as I type this. I heard a Michael Buble Christmas song on the radio the other day so we aren't the only ones!!

The decorations will come out around the 1st of December which isn't really that long off. Last night I went past a house with a Christmas Tree and lights up... I loved it but it's a BIT too early for us : /

I've done most of my Christmas shopping already with a few bits remaining. Those remaining ones are for the men in my family..why oh why are men so hard to buy for?!? Especially when you are on a budget and they don't want toiletries. I would love to leave Christmas shopping till December when all the decorations are up (I'd feel really festive then) but I find the shops sooo busy and just stressful. 

Not fun or festive at all. 

As a little something extra we make chocolate truffles (or maybe fudge this year) and give them as little gifts too.

I don't know about you but I've been really disappointed with the Xmas adverts so far on TV (UK tv channels). Marks and Spencers, John Lewis and Next usually never disappoint but this year they haven't been so good. They don't evoke that excited feeling you get when you see the famous Coco Cola ad...THE ONE i'm waiting to see...Holidays are comin..... : ) : )

I have begun to make a 'MUST DO' list for Christmas which I will share with you all soon.

Gemma x


  1. You are certainly going to be well ahead with your Christmas decorating if you begin on Dec 1st. Here nothing goes up till mid December, which is quite nice, as you dont get fed up with it.
    I'm sure your stall will be lovely, do take photos!

  2. I could be wrong but I think EVERYONE is getting fewer comments at the moment - I expected things to pick up in September, after the hols, and they didn't. Not quite sure what's going on but maybe people are finding other things to do!

    I don't enjoy the shops at Christmas either. We're making quite a few presents and are trying to get others in more creative ways (Vide Greniers, internet etc).

    So do blog when you want to, and don't take this general drop in blogging comments personally, I think!

    Enjoy your December!

  3. I think Floss is right everyone is so busy at the moment I know sometimes i have a quick flick through blogs and think i'll leave a comment later and then i don't find the time and i know i should have done it earlier and then there is more blogs to catch up on and its goes on and on,
    good luck with the stall can't wait to hear how you get on!!

  4. Sorry you have not been feeling great recently :( I know what you mean about the Christmas build up though, I am starting to get quite excited and feeling very Christmassy. I have seen the Coco Cola advert twice now he hee x x x x


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