25 November 2011

Holiday Recipe Recommendations

If you read my last post you'll know I have been so so busy this week making stuff for a fair this Sunday. I'm glad to say I'm nearly there. Only a few little bits to do tonight and I can have Saturday to myself (mostly).

I'm helping Ian's mum with some baking tonight for their Church Christmas Fair tomorrow morning. We made these cookies in the week and froze them so they will still be good for tomorrow. I didn't have much faith in the taste of the cookies after freezing them but I have to say they tasted perfectly fine after defrosting! (I had test a few just to make sure : P )

Tonight I'm going to be making those Cinnamon rolls..the ones I keep on banging on about. Fingers Crossed people will like them.

I find that now the 'Holidays' have officially begun, we like to begin our family traditions for this time of year. Something I always always make is 'Glazed apple bars' found on Whatever blog.

On Meg's blog she says someone described it as 'eating apple pie in your hand'...which is so true! The Apples and Cinnamon are perfect for this time of year. The topping is crumbly and comforting. The glaze is not too sweet..just perfect. 

We make this every year since she posted it..and it goes REALLY QUICKLY!

In anticipation of making it I didn't take any photos (Sorry!!) but I really do recommend making them. You can find the recipe here.

These are great to cut up into bars and serve whilst family are over or to maybe put into a clear cellophane bag and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Sorry this has been short but sweet.

Have a fab weekend and hopefully I'll be back on Monday with good news about the fair I'm selling at.

Gemma x

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  1. ooh, more recipes to try....the apple pie one sounds really good. i hope your fair selling goes great. i think i will add them to our christmas cookie list....

    xo cindy


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