7 November 2011

A review

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to give an honest review of a pair of sheepskin tall boot from Bearpaw from Nature Shop.....I was really surprised at how lovely they are.

Nature shop is an online retailer that sell products that are kind to our bodies AND the environment. They aim to make positive differences in the world and specifically focus on the preservation of our natural environment.

I'm going to give my opinion on the positives & negatives of the Boots.

Sourced from Nature Shop


*  These boots are really comfortable. So comfortable that they felt like slippers and I just don't want to take them off.

* Your feet fit snuggly inside the sheepskin lining so the boots don't feel 'clumpy'.

* The boots will keep you warm all winter.

* The boots come in an array of colours so will go with most your wardrobe.

Sourced from Nature Shop


* The only negative I can find with these boots is that rain will most likely ruin them and leave marks, especially as I live in rainy England. However using a protective spray & checking the weather before you leave the house can make this avoidable!

Sourced from Nature Shop

All in all they are a great boot for Autumn/ early winter but I wouldn't wear them in the rain or snow.

Thank you Nature Shop!

Gemma x

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  1. What lovely boots!!! Great review...they look super cozy and comfy. :)


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