8 November 2011

Things that are making me happy

Pretty Sparklers..I've always loved looking at snapshots of lit sparklers...

Making more (!) Cinnamon rolls...they are just SO good and every bite makes me feel happy!

My Snowflake charm. Around September time I put this charm on my bracelet as a little reminder of all the festivities to come.

The hearts in our hallway that have been waiting for a new home. Now they are up they make me happy each time I see them : )

Candlelit cosy evenings.

The anticipation of finally getting my quilt finished with these beautiful fabrics.

Pictures sourced from here.


* How amazing this ebay seller is. She is making these poppies and donating ALL profits to Help for Heroes and The British Legion Charities.
* Ian has the day off on Friday..hurrah! : )
Gemma x

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