14 December 2011

Dear Santa...

I thought it would be fun to share my fantasty  wish list with you for this Christmas. My birthday falls two days before Christmas day so I have a lot of people asking me what I would like throughout the beginning of December (and it is surprisingly hard to think of things!).

Starting clockwise from the top:

1. Lush Snowfairy shower gel - this stuff smells soo good and the smell instantly reminds me of Christmas showers.
2. Small Pearl earrings - I think they look so nice.
3.Christmas PJ's - I always always ask for some Pyjamas at Christmas. I have heard of traditions where families give eachother new PJ's on xmas eve..so lovely!!
4. Kitchen Aid - Okay now that this really is a fantasy! I would love to eventually get my hands on a red kitchen aid one day..but they are so expensive....
5. Lush again - anything else from Lush. The shops are just fab.
6. Black Courts - I would like some nice shoes to wear with fancy dresses over the holiday season.
7. Tala pipping set - Mostly for the tin!
8. Soap and Glory toiletries - I've heard so much about them but haven't tried any before.
9. Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume - It smells really good and it lingers on everything..your scarf, your pillow.
10. A Starfish Charm - for my charm bracelet.
11. Fresh linen candle - I just love the smell. Great in a bathroom.
12. Ina Garten Cookbook - I love her shows and everything she makes looks amazing.
13. After Eight mint chocolates - It's Christmas..any excuse for chocolate.

Who knows what Santa will bring ; )

_ _ _ _ _ _ 

Christmas is something that I anticipate so much and it just seems like it's flying by! I'm trying to savour every last bit. Cramming as much Christmas music into my day, watching some Christmas films at the weekend and baking lots and lots. I plan on baking some chocolate chip cookies, some brownies, gingerbread and cheesecake before the big day arrives. Yummy!

I hope December starts to slow down a bit. I've heard snow could be on the way at the weekend...Not sure if that's good or not?

Gemma x

P.s - What are you asking for this Christmas?


  1. After Eights please! It's quite difficult to find them here, but they were always part of our tradition in UK!

  2. Hi gem, happy bday for the day!!! and, i have to tell you that you won my giveaway!!!! can you email me your address? (lauracurrie@yahoo.co.uk) sorry it will be a bit late, hope you dont mind too much..
    loving your christmas gift wish list! the jean paul gaultier perfume is one of my faves, i wear it a lot, its just a beautiful smell!! hope you get some of your wishes this christmas!! Laura xxx


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