12 December 2011

A few Cheap ideas for Christmas

I found a few little ideas on Pinterest  for Christmas gifts / decorations and thought I'd share them with you.

This is a simple and cheap idea for festive decorations. The look is clean and very organic/natural...

Found on Pinterest

I really want to make these Orange hanging decorations this year. Apparently they smell lovely.

Found on Pinterest
I saw this and thought it is great to use when giving away gift cards or money for Christmas. It's just a little something extra but looks a lot more than just an envelope.

Found on Pinterest

I know I've mentioned these before but truffles are a great gift to give away as a little gift.

Both found on Pinterest

Or alternatively these Hot Chocolate truffles are a great idea. Drop them into hot milk and stir and you have yummy Hot Chocolate! Give them as a gift with a Christmassy mug.

Found on Pinterest

Homemade Vanilla or Chocolate fudge. Most recipes have 4-6 ingredients so it's a great to make and give as a gift.

Found here

My favourite is the idea of the candy cane wrapped around a card. It makes a simple card look festive and yummy!!


This is my last week of work before Christmas so if you do like the look of anything in my shop I am taking last orders for the UK on the 16th of December. Keep an eye out for sale items in the new year too.

Everything is starting to wind down for the holidays now. My brother and sister finish school on Friday. We are having a little party at home in the afternoon to celebrate. I think its going to be a mix of yummy food and a festive film...can't wait!!

Hope you are all enjoying 'the most wonderful time of the year'!

Gemma x

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  1. Great ideas, thanks Gemma!
    You had me at the chocolate truffles : - )
    I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!


    PS Your patchwork quilt came out beautiful!!! Great job ~


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