4 December 2011

Happy December

We put up the Christmas Tree in Ian's room on Friday (finally!!).  It's always fun getting the plain tree out and making it look pretty. Most of the ornaments are his families but we have bought a few to use for ourselves when we have our own house one day.

Our special hanging decorations are both from Disney World. It's become a bit of a tradition to get one when we go away.

We had Candy Canes left over from last year so we decided to keep them and use as decorations only...although I'm sure it would be fine (being pure sugar!!).

Hello Bauble! 

I'm absolutely loving Michael Bubles new Christas album. We listened to him while putting the tree up and had a good sing-a-long! He sounds good (as always) singing all the classics. If you haven't heard it them get on youtube and have a listen!

Our favourite is White Christmas which he sings alongside Shania Twain...so catchy! 

Happy Holidays!! (Woohoo!)

Gemma x

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  1. Oh I really want to put my tree up but I am yet to persuade everyone else to let me do it, I'm not going to give up though :) x x x x


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