8 December 2011

I finally Finished my Patchwork quilt!!

I'm so happy to show you my first ever patchwork quilt. I told you about it a few months back, aiming to get it all finished in November. It took me a little longer but I'm just so glad I have finished it while it is still ABSOLUTELY FREEZING outside!

I have to say this project was very long winded and I have made a few mistakes and shed a few frustrated tears..but it was worth it! I used this tutorial.

I love how happy and colourful it is in a 'not-so-crazy' way. I bought a paisley fabric which is very fun. A pretty flower fabric which looks a bit vintage. A soft pink stripe fabric. A nice green polka dot and a lightly patterned white fabric. 

I bought the white one in America from this huge craft store called Jo-annes (so much better than our hobby craft). I intended to use it as the backing but got it home and realised I hadn't bought enough...I got confused by the yards into metres conversion..argh!! I think it works better on the front anyway and it hold a lot of memories from our trip there.

I used a medium pink polka dot for the bias and a cream with pink polka dot as the baking. It contrasts against the main front but looks good.

Doing the criss-crosses was the hardest bit as it took forever and I had to make sure none of the fabric from the top and underside got wrikled and sewn like that. I had to unpick a bit and start again but never mind.

The paisley is my favourite as it is so fun to look at.

I would definitely make another quilt. It took a lot of time and the fabrics weren't the cheapest but it was worth it. I think I am slowly going to collect fabric from holidays or during memorable events and eventually make a new one.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

 This is for Cindy who wanted to see more of the fairy light tree. It's not a Tree tree but I like to call it that. I love to have it lit while in reading before bed and it's great to hang some Christmas decorations on.

Gemma x


  1. Soooo pretty. Well done Gemma! You are very creative! :)

  2. You have used lovely calm colours, and it looks so pretty. You'll need to build up a fabric 'stash' if you're going on to make more!

  3. i LOVE it.....i love the colors, the patterns and the binding. you did a great job....it looks perfect...

    i finished mine up too and i will blog about it soon...

    it looks great on your bed....


  4. Hi gem, what an amazing job you ve done!!! you must be so happy with your new quilt, my favourite is definently the paisley too; its just gorgeous!!
    Laura xxx

  5. Nice one Gemma, it is beautiful. I have given up on mine, it has turned into such a disaster but I will be starting a new one in the new year and hope to get that one finsihed, this is deffo the inspiration I need :) x x x x

  6. i didn't notice the fairy tree the first time i read this post.....it is adorable..and a perfect night light....

    i guess i was blinded by the yummy quilt!!



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