31 January 2011

Happy Things : )

Wow - I really can't believe how fast this month has gone. January is my least favourite month of the year, and although I don't want to wish my life away, I'm glad it's nearly over!!

Things are looking upwards and onwards at the moment. Little Signs of Spring are making me feel vibrant and fresh.

The sun has been shining today and nothing is getting in it's way of its bright rays.

Soon these trees will be filled with soft pink Blossom and then vibrant Green leaves. I say soon but what I really mean is 'LITERALLY AROUND THE CORNER!!!' Scary isn't it?!

It was my Grandads 79th Birthday on Friday so we visited him in evening once everyone was back from work. He loves cats and has owned a few over his lifetime so we thought we'd get him something cat themed. As a little extra something we got his current pet cats picture printed on a ceramic mug (thank you Tesco!). 

He really loved it. I think older people aren't sometimes aware of how advanced technology is, which made him all the more surprised by the mug!

I hope you all had a great weekend : )

Gemma xXx

26 January 2011

More Work Drama.

This is going to be a bit of a rant and a moan so brace yourself!!

So far my working life hasn't been great. My long term readers would know about the first dilemma last year.  I've since left that job. Now my current job at the nursery is the problem. It is a JOKE!

Mycrb check finally cleared on Saturday so I called my boss to let her know and to ask when she wanted me back (as I was away for 2-3 months waiting for it to clear). She didn't answer so I text her instead. She didn't get back to me until Monday (late morning). 

Apparently she was too busy to get back to me over the weekend and spewed some excuse. Then she said that they currently have some students getting experience for 2 weeks, so can I come back in on the 7th of February. I think they just want all the free help they can get, so it's pointless me being there until the free help has gone.

In total I would of been away from work for 13 weeks...13 weeks?!  I'm really annoyed about how they just keep on putting me off and messing me around....I mean I need the money. So i'm now going to start looking for another job. 

Who knows doing what though... I'm in a place in my life where I literally do not know what to do.Working at a shop was a nightmare and working with children is not a preference of mine anymore...

Wow life can be hard sometimes.

I want to just hide in the safety and comfort of my bed and not venture out until things pick up a bit.


Gemma x

22 January 2011

50 Questions

 Hi all : )

Hope you're all having a great weekend. I'm joining in with Gem today and answering 50 random questions about myself...it's always nice to know a bit more about any blogger.

1. What time did you get up this morning?  9.00am...awoken by a nice surprise!

2. How do you like your steak? Medium Rare...soo good.

3. What was the last film you saw in the Cinema? Meet the little Fokers...so funny.

4. What is your favourite tv show? I love Gavin and Stacey, anything with Kirstie Alssopp, Friends, How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory, House and NCIS.

5. Where would you like to live if you could choose anywhere in the world? A lovely cottage on the edge of a town in the countryside.

6. What did you have for breakfast? Ian surprised me this morning with croissants, jam and orange juice...yummy!!

7. What is your favourite cuisine? My favourite is between Italian and Mexican food...hard to choose!

8. What food do you dislike? Celery. The smell and taste of it is enough to make me vomit.

9. Place to eat?  Al fresco but only when it is warm.

10. Most annoying habit? Feeling so sleepy so early on in the evening. I can barely keep my eyes open by 10ish...usually!

11. you are....? A young woman confused by the different paths in life and which one to take...

12. Favourite clothes? It depends on my mood. If i'm feeling great about myself then something girly and slightly dressy. Most of the time leggings...the ultamite comfort without walking around in jogging bottoms all the time!

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? I would love to go to Italy.

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? Always 1/2 empty.

15. Where would you want to retire? See Q 5.

16. Favourite time of day? Depends if I have work. If I don't then the morning as you know you have the whole day ahead of you. If I am working then the late afternoon/evening.

17. Where were you born? London

18. What is your favourite sport to watch? I don't really like any particular sports.

19. Bird Watcher? Not really, although I love to see Robins in the Garden.

20. Morning person or night person? Definitely morning.

21. Do you have any pets? A dog called Jasper and a Cat called Timberlake.

22. What did you want to be when you were little? I wanted to be a vet but hated the thought of dealing with aggressive dogs or scratchy cats!

23. What is your best childhood memory? I think Christmas time always has a special place in my heart. It was so nice seeing that Santa had visited. It left me feeling magical.

24. Cat or dog person? Cat.

25. Married? No.

26. Always wear your seatbelt? ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.

27. Been in a car accident? Thankfully no and I hope it stays that way/

28. Any pet peeves? Yes, Untidiness. I mean ULTRA unitidiness...not the expected mess that comes with a family.

29. Favourite pizza topping? I love Ham and Pinapple...with Rocket on the side.

30. Favourite flower? Peonies
31. Favourite ice cream? Chocolate, Brownie, Fudgey goodness...yum.

32. How many times did you fail your driving test? I haven't started to learn yet but it is a goal for this year.

33. From whom did you get your last email? From a person through Folksy asking to sell my stuff in their online shop at ridiculously unreasonable prices ..... meaning i'd practically make a loss on some items!!

34. Do anything spontaneous lately? Not really. I love to plan. I like organisation.

35. Like your job? At the moment not really...it is just getting me by until I can find something better or if HomemadeGems suddenly becomes super popular..that would be a great job!!!!!

36. Which store would you use to max out your credit card? No particular store...I love different items from different stores. It would most likely be a clothes or home store though.

37. Broccoli? LOVE it!

38. Favourite vacation? Orlando, Florida! You can do as little or as much as you like and there is always new things to do.
39. Last person you went out to dinner with? Ian and his family.

40. What are you listening to right now? Ian playing on his Xbox...commentating..... Men ey?!

41. Favourite colour? I love light shades of pinks, creams, beiges, corals. Girly neautrals.

42. How many tattoos do you have? None.

43. How many are you tagging for this quiz? Anyone that wants to take part! Bit of fun and always a nice read on peoples posts!

44. Coffee drinker? I mainly drink Tea...a lot of it. I have the occasional sweet and creamy coffee.

45. Smoker? No Never.

46. Irritating habit? Over thinking and worrying about large and small things. I just need to get over it!

47. Guilty pleasure? Chocolate, Being nosey, Tea,constantly checking for sales in my shops and blogging.

48. Frustrated...? Frustrated that life couldn't be simpler (job/career wise).

49. Favourite game? I love card games.

50. Coast or inland? I love the Coast when it's not windy and wet!

So there you have it, 50 things about me that you might have not known. Please feel free to join in...I love being nosey and knowing a little more about my fellow bloggers!

Have a great Sunday!!

Gemma x

19 January 2011

New Designs

I just wanted to share my new designs with you all. Some have already been listed on Etsy and Folksy...some are to be added soon (so you get a little sneek preview!!)

 The perfect cushion for any sleepy head!
 A unique gift for a wedding, an anniversary or just because you want to....
 A different take on Mr & Mrs Cushions...Crossword style!
 Cute little star.
 Gorgeous birdies. These would look great in any room to add a burst of spring.

 I love you...Sweet for Valentines. Great for your partner or even your bestie : )
 Fleur de lis...a touch of elegance.
One for the dragon fly lovers...
 And one for the tea / teapot lovers...
 French Chic.
 Flower power...
 And finally a pretty detachable rosette..this one is my favourite!

Thank you for taking a look...If you liked any of these, you can use the code HOMEMADEGEM15 for 15% off any item in my ETSY store : )

Happy Wednesday!!
Gemma x

17 January 2011

Going for a drink.

 Trying to make the most of the weekend can be seemingly difficult sometimes...especially with the 'What we should do?!' dilemma that we come across all the time

We are lucky enough to have a local Ikea...about 2o minutes away! It is definitely something we take for granted. Ian & I went there on Saturday just for a look around.

Crazy Light Shade thing..whatever it is lol.

 I know my sister would LOVE these lights..very funky!

I've never used fabric from Ikea but the colours/designs are so vibrant! Will make another visit soon once I have a project in mind!

On Sunday, we went to a garden center to look at the sale items (nothing there though!!) but ended up at a local pub for a drink instead.

It was so nice. 

We chatted for an hour or so just about life. The good, the bad and the ugly. We talked so much that we only had a drink each the whole time we were there. I know we are both still young  but after 4 years with eachother it was nice to just 'be' with one another..no TV..no computer...no distractions....just a cosy sofa and a glass of Coke lol !!

Hopefully it's something we can do every once in a while : )

This is what I love about blogging....that one drink was so special and without a blog, I would most probably forget about it in a few weeks.  Who knows how long this blog will last for but hopefully in years to come I will look back on this and remember...

It's all about making memories.

Gemma x

14 January 2011

January Days.

As I type this it is absolutely tipping it down outside..and there is a thunder storm brewing....bleurghhhh.

 Yes - that is a Pumpkin from OCTOBER!! It is still good and adds a touch of colour to the garden so why throw it out?!?!

The bottoms of my jeans are ALWAYS (sometimes when I haven't even been outside?!?!)  soggy from puddles.

 The price I pay for being a shortie.

I have to admit this is the time of year that I dislike the most. Everything seems so grey after the sparkle of Christmas. Saying that, the evenings are still as cosy and warm as Christmas time!

All I need is....


  Slipper Boots that I've longed after all winter!

Hot Chocolate!

Yummy : )

Have a warm...dry and cosy weekend!!

Gemma xXx

12 January 2011

Word of the Year

I'm joining in with Cherry Menlove with a 'Word of the Year'. There are soo many words I've wanted to use but this word is something that I think about quite often...

My word is going to be BRAVERY!

I've established that I can be very apprehensive about a lot of things...for example...

* Meeting new people...

* Speaking my mind...

* Looking for a new job / course etc..

* Wanting to take my Cushion Business seriously...

* Learning to drive...EEK!

I need to have more confidence...I need to be more GUTSY!! 

I need to stop worrying about the tiniest of things or things that are out of my control.

I need to just let it be...

What word would you choose for yourself? 
Gemma xXx


5 January 2011

The Sales

 Love it or Loathe it?

I've always loved clothes and I have always loved a bargain..but clothes shopping in the January Sales just give me a headache.

We went shopping yesterday and thankfully it was empty...no crazy women hogging clothes racks!!

I had a quick look at the Jeans in River Island (something I'm always in need of) and was disgusted by the amount of pairs had HUGE rips in the legs. Some tops had stains and dust marks all over...not great right?!

In Zara clothes were all over the floor..in big mounds of mess and trampled upon..I took one look and walked out. Surely if it was all organised they'd have more sales.

Whsmith was great and my mum ended up buying a cookery book with lots of lovely things I hope to make this year : )

We later ended up at a garden centre where I managed to buy some pretty candle holders at a great price...that's more like it!

Have you done any January Sales Shopping? Do you love it or loathe it? Get any bargains?

Gemma xXx

1 January 2011


Happy New Year to everyone!!

I feel a bit somber now that the joys of Christmas are now officially over. After boxing day I try and leech onto every last bit of festivities up until New years...so sad!!

2011 is going to be a fresh start (like every other year heehee).

A fresh start with work.

A fresh start with my health.

A fresh start for my mind!

I'm dreading going back to work. I've been off for quite a while now because of some complications with my CRB check (got lost and now hasn't even arrived!!) & ofsted were due to visit. Everything at the nursery seems so vague...I don't really want to be there anymore!! I've figured that i'm not so sure about working with children anymore...so now I'm trying to figure out my career path.

My aim this year is to build up my Etsy/Folksy/Ebay business a lot more. You never know one day it may become my main income...(fingers crossed) X

Anyhoo I had may aswell make the most of my last few days with the Christmas Decs LOL.

Candlelight...Christmas lights and the TV sound good to me : )

Gemma x


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