27 April 2011

Deja Vu much?

Hi Ladies!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and stuffed yourself with chocolatey goodness : )

More work drama has gone down since the weekend....It was the final straw I tell you!

Remember when I told you about how I was going to do a childcare course, but then my boss had to talk to me about a few things but I was ill at the time?

Well we had a little chat yesterday and it turns out this course is one big load of rubbish! If I did the course I would:

  • Have to take a pay cut to £2.50 an hour. Is that even legal I thought?! The company who would provide the course see it as an apprenticeship and that is the minimum wage for an apprentice.  

  • I would have to put down a £500 deposit. My boss is meant to pay that. However she hinted that her cousin (who would also be doing the course) is  giving her the £500...so I should do the same. Having £500 out of my account for a year for a course i'm not even really wanting to do seems ridiculous.

  • I would of also had to pay for the course. Since she ever mentioned a course she said it would be free as I'm a smidge under 21...but now apparently I would have to pay.

So it turned out I would have a major loss if I did the course...apart from the small qualification at the end. 

My boss said asked me to think about if it's worthy of me doing it. She tried to come across like she was considering me and my financial situation but really she was thinking of herself. She could carry on paying me my normal wage but no....cutting it in half is what she was intending on doing.

Basically it was a case of do the course and get paid £10 a day (which would include my study time out of work) OR not do the course and not work there.....

....Which option do you think I took?

I quit this morning. I feel like £2.50 an hour is an insult...it's demeaning. 


I am going to now pursue some of my dreams. 

I'm on the hunt for a local textile course...a short one. I just want to get a little more experience with sewing etc and hopefully that will expand my shop into something bigger and better.

Then the plan is to hopefully start some kind of interior design course. I feel that is a good way to go as it ties in with my shop a bit...plus I'm all into decorating and it can open many doors.

I want to try lots of creative things... like  photography or garden design possibly.

The world is my oyster right?

Anyway rant over. I'm now going to fill my face with chocolate : )

Gemma xXx

20 April 2011

Virtual Coffee

Good morning!

If we were having a real coffee I'd suggest sitting outside and would be asking you if you are enjoying the weather at the moment. It is meant to be quite warm all Easter weekend and hopefully up till and on the Royal Wedding! 

The lovely weather has meant that the wall can get done quicker. The left wall needs one more layer of bricks, then we are going to be putting on wood cladding/decking on it (to cover the ugly bricks).

I would tell you that I haven't been great this past weekend. Whilst sitting with Ian's family on his birthday I began to feel really uncomfortable. It turns out I had a bout of cystitis...ARRGH! It is horrible as some of you may know. I drank a lot of cranberry juice and lemon barely and it seems to have cleared up on it's own.

This morning I have been pottering around in the garden. As some of you may know I am a bit of novice to gardening. Last year I discovered the joy of 'growing your own' and it went quite well. However this year things are a bit different. Seedlings are growing but then dying...I've had to sow a lot of plants again. I think the compost isn't retaining water properly so i'm keeping a close eye on the moisture levels.

  I would tell you that I found a beautiful tin for storing all my seed packets in. I think it was a biscuit tin from Christmas but I think it does the job nicely for seeds. It's exciting to think that this tin will store seeds for the garden in our future home....one day!

Whilst sorting out the tin and sowing a few bits outdoors I had an audience...a fluffy audience...

A dog that likes to chill in the shade...

And a cat that loves to sunbathe...such a diva!

Hope you are having a good week so far..

Gemma xXx

15 April 2011

Molten-Centred Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe.

I tried a new recipe from the yummy 'Big Book of Baking'.

These cupcakes are perfect as a little something for an Easter gathering, for a chocoholic or any woman who needs a small 'pick me up'. The consistency of the cake is lovely and light....and then as you bite into the middle, a little melted gooey chocolate delights your mouth....NOM NOM NOM!

You will need:
  • 55g /2oz of soft margarine
  • 55g / 2oz caster sugar / superfine sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 85g / 3oz self - raising flour
  • 1 tbsp coca powder
  • 55g / 2oz plain chocolate
  • Icing sugar/Confectioners' Sugar for dusting.
 This makes 8 servings.


Pre-heat the oven to 190c, 375f or Gas mark 5. Put eight paper cases on a baking try or cupcake tray.

Put the margarine, caster sugar, egg, flour and cocoa powder into a large bowl. Beat together until smooth using a whisk or an electric whisk.

Once smooth, fill half of each paper case. Break your chocolate evenly into 8 pieces and gently push each bit into the middle of the individual cakes. Cover with the remaining cake mixture.

Bake for about 20 minutes or until well risen and springy to touch. Leave them to cool for 2-3 minutes, dust with icing sugar and serve.

If you don't want to serve them straight away the consistency of the chocolate centre will not be as 'melted'. We ate some a few hours later and we found them to be of a slightly gooey chewy consistency (which is just as good in my eyes!).

I hope you enjoy your weekend. It's Ians birthday tomorrow and I'm quaking in my boots! A present that I ordered hasn't arrived yet . Hopefully it will turn up today!

Love Gemma xXx

12 April 2011

Easter Holidays

We were blessed with B-E-A-UTIFUL weather over the past weekend...there was glorious sunshine, blue skies and warmth! The moment a hint of summer pops up everyone here dresses in shorts, t-shirts, dresses or skirts. 

Everyone drags out their BBQs and makes the most of the weather (England doesn't usually get this weather).

We celebrated my brothers birthday earlier on in the week and the sun set was amazing. 

We sat outside the restaurant whilst waiting for a table. It was admitedly chilly but seeing the sunset was worth a few shivers.

Ian played football with my brother in the garden (before the grass was cut!!) .....

and Jasper decided to try   destroy the ball  and join in...

We of course had a little BBQ of our own whilst carrying on with building the new planter walls in the garden, which are coming along nicely. Hopefully they will be done in a week or so.


 It's the Easter Holidays!

I am so glad to have two weeks off work...maybe the time off will make things a little better when I'm back??

I'm going to try and use this time as well as I can.

I want to be productive.

I said to myself over the weekend that I will do something useful and productive each day...however yesterday was a big flop! I have a few orders to get out but I got sucked in by the dreaded computer and a bit of TV...bad bad bad. 

I just wanted to share a new addition to my shop with you all....

I really love the soft colours...they are very springy and 'fresh'....if that makes sense? lol

I've got a recipe to share with you in a day or so....see you then!

Love you all,

Gemma x

6 April 2011

Virtual coffee Catch Up

Hi all!

I'm linking up with Gem for a 'Virtual Coffee'!

If I were really having coffee with you today I'd ask you how Mothers Day went for you or your mum. On Sunday we didn't do a huge deal. We simply went for a walk in a park (it's the simple things right?!)

Like my ugly walking shoes?...Ultra comfy but they really aren't pretty!

See the face?

I can pretend that we live in the countryside surrounded by trees, animals and a close knit community : )

If I was having a coffee with you I'd also tell you about work. It's one big whirlwind of confusion at the moment. About a month or so ago my boss asked me if I was interested in getting a qualification in Child Care...I wasn't 100% sure because I don't want to do it and then decide it's not for me halfway through (letting everyone down). She encouraged me to do it and as soon as possible.... so I agreed to. 

Then a day or so later she said that we should leave it for a few months....This was confusing enough. Now the same thing has happened all over again. She said if I don't do the course then there might be a 'problem' with me working there...so I said again...YES I'LL DO THE COURSE. 

I was due to meet with the assessor at work at 9:30am to go over paper work...no show. My boss calls my colleague at 12:00 saying there have been a few changes and we need to talk tomorrow......I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE! I feel like they want rid of me. I hate it.

I struggle with any change...any hiccup...any blip.  I  don't want a monotonous life but I like things to be 'organised'....I hope you get what I'm trying to say!

If I was having a mug of coffee with you I'd tell you not to get too close because I think I'm coming down with something....fluey. I'm achey and tired...bunged up and blah. Only a few more days till the Easter Holidays (2 weeks...hoorah!) but I don't know if I will be well enough for work...I hope not anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your day : )

Gemma x


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