3 January 2012

Christmas Eve / Day!

Something I always try and remember is that I want to use my blog as a way of journaling memories. I know it's a little past Xmas but I just wanted to record a few memories.

+ On Christmas Eve we went to the Nativity Service at Church. It made me feel really fuzzy inside singing all the classic carols and watching the sweet little angels on stage. 

+ Ian's little cousins came along with us and in the middle of the last carol 'Silent Night'(which was sung by candlelight) The youngest decided to have a good cry in Ian's arms...Oops!

+ We had a cosy Christmas Eve (with some lovely bed socks and xmas pj's) and helped my little brother get ready for Santa to come and visit. I love helping him getting the milk and cookies ready.

+ On Christmas morning Ian came over with lots of gifts for us all. He wore a cute Santa hat and had a bag full of gifts over his shoulder as he walked down the road..very festive!!

+My nan's perfect roast potatoes! 

+ Playing a quiz around the table after our dinner at my nan and gdads house...we always have a fun silly time!

+ Yummy Nut Free Christmas pudding! I had my first one a year or so back and it's so good!


Here are some of the lovely gifts I got this year from family and a few I got myself....

I got these with a hobby craft gift card I received.

Sorry this isn't the greatest picture! I got this on Sale in Sainsburys for 35p!!!
They also had some lovely candles that  were the same price.

Lots of reading!

Cath Kidston book

Cosy Slippers

A new icing set. The tin is good enough to be on show somewhere!

Cute diary

More books...lots of cooking to be done!

This was from Ian's Sister. The best handmade gift EVER!!! She is so clever.

A Lush Wand...so good!!

Lovely lovely presents : )


I hope you are having a good week so far. 

We had a really bad storm today and a big tree fell down and smashed someones car just down the road. Not a great start to the year for them!

Gemma x


  1. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous of those slippers!!!!

  2. Oh wow you did really well and have got some lovely presents. The weather has been awful, I don't mind the rain so much as we do need it, although i am not it's biggest fan, but there really is no need for the wind :( x x x x

  3. you really got some great gifts....i love everything. tell me about that cath kidston book....it looks great and something that i would love to have.

    i got some slippers like that too. love the baking stuff and cookbooks you got too...lucky girl!! :)

    xo cindy

  4. I'm very envious of all your lovely pressies. Love the slippers. There's nothing lovelier than cosy toes.

    Madison xxx


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