9 January 2012

Word of the Year 2012 and positive changes

My word of the year for 2012 is going to be 

I want to learn lots of general things really....

+ How to use my camera properly. 

+ The chemistry behind baking...I have actually never thought about why you knead bread dough or what baking powder does to a cake.

+ What the scary looking things on my sewing machine do and what to do when the tension goes wrong.

+ To drive!!!

+ A new craft possibly

So far this year I have learnt that the plural for ladybirds/bugs are 'lovelies' ...random but true!


I don't like to call them 'New Years Resolutions', more like positive changes, but I have a few changes i'd like to make which I think will improve my quality of life and make me happier.

+ To read more and to read a variety of genres *not just the lovey dovey stuff!!*

+ Get more sleep! I get tired so early in the evening so should really get to bed earlier.

+ To eat healthier. More fresh fruit &Veg (from our garden!!)

+ A better routine with exercise

What positve changes are you making(big or small)?

Gemma x


  1. Great positive changes. Good luck with them all. I love your word for 2012 as well, it is a brillaint one and possibly one of my fav words. I love learning x x x x

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