20 February 2012


To celebrate reaching 200 blog posts I thought I'd do a little giveaway. The lucky winner can choose one of my new Spring/ Summer hanging decorations from my shop...

Pretty pink heart

Floral Hanging Bird

Floral Flower

To Enter:
1) You must be a follower of Musings of a gem.
2) Leave a comment on this post letting me know which you'd like to win.

For an extra entry you can blog about this giveaway and leave another comment telling me so : )

This giveaway is open worldwide and will end on March 2nd at 1pm GMT.

Good luck!!



  1. Happy Anniversary Gem.

    Such gorgeous hangers. It's a tough choice but I think I love the little birdie best. It's his wings that make me smile. And yes he is a he even though he is pink. He's a birdie who is very secure in his masculinity.

    I'm already a follower of your gorgeous blog.

    Madison xxx

  2. Congrats on 200 posts! Floral hanging bird is my favourite! Thanks :)

  3. Congratulations on 200 posts! I would love a chance to win the gorgeous heart decoration. I am a happy follower. xx

  4. A big congrats on your 200th post :) What a lovely give-away..I think the little birdie is just the cutest!

  5. i love the bird too....so cute. i love the pink with the calico in all of these designs but i do love the bird best. congrats on the 200th post....i love your blog!!

    xo, cindy

  6. Cute giveaway! I love the bird. But then again I love the heart......argghhhh. Heart. No...bird.....YES BIRD!!!! It's very cute x x x

  7. Great giveawy Gemma, and congratualtions on the 200 posts.

    For me it would have to be the heart, it is so pretty, I love the fabrics you have used x x x x

  8. I have just added a button to my sidebar for you :) x x x x

  9. Hello I am a new follower. Great giveaway! Congratulations on 200 posts (I'm struggling with my blog!!!) I love the flower - it is gorgeous. Edwina

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  11. Gem, I just found your blog through another one :) I'm now a follower of you! Thanks for the give away and congrats on the 200 posts!! I hope to get there someday too :) I love the floral bird; I have an obsession with birds and cages and this is too cute!


  12. Hi there! I just found you through another blog and am now a follower. I love the bird. It's so adorable. Congrats on 200 posts!!

  13. Hi Gemma,

    Congratulations on your 200th post! So nice of you to do this giveaway. I love all your items, especially the heart. It's so sweet. I just mentioned your giveaway in my latest blog post and left a link so hopefully you will get some more visitors.
    I love your blog and am so glad I found you.

    Hope all is well - It's almost the weekend!!!

    Danielle xo

  14. Congratulations on 200 posts! What a lovely giveaway! Thanks, Pati x

  15. Just found your blog through another blog :) Great giveaway. I am now a follower and would love to win the floral hanging bird xxxx Leah xxxx


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